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CGCM Podcast EP#118-Around the World in 80 Episodes-Sweden Part 1

It's another virtual trip for the Canadian Geeks as Wallygator and the Meister continue on with "Around The World In ...
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WARD XVI – Metamorphosis (Album Review)

Introduction: I want to admit right at the start that I am a sucker for albums that tell stories. When ...
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MAGNOLIA BAYOU – Strange Place (Album Review)

All Important Background: Magnolia Bayou are a band from and I quote from the press blurb, "the heart of a ...
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OCEAN HILLS – Santa Monica (Album Review)

OCEAN HILLS - Santa Monica "Santa Monica is about sand, the beach, and living life, with fun and happiness. With ...
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WILDFEST 2021 (Festival News)

Some news from Belgium's Wildfest! The Glam/Sleaze/Melodic Rock event takes place in May of 2021 in Belgium. WildFest is Belgium's ...
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THE LAST RENEGADES – Valley of the Kings (Album Review)

THE LAST RENEGADES Rise Following Tokyo Blade’s recent album Dark Revolution, founder member Andy Boulton and his other project The ...
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HEATHEN – Empire Of The Blind (Album Review)

"Been A Long Time": Heathen after a 10-year break are back with a brand new album called Empire Of The ...
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EKKO PARK – Horizon (Album Review)

EKKO PARK New Zealand produces some great bands, like Crowded House, but are not renowned for their rock bands.  Ekko ...
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LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT – Worlds Away (Album Review)

Press Release Though coronavirus has forced us indoors, music still flows. In the case of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Lindsay Schoolcraft, she ...
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CGCM Podcast EP#117-Battleship 3

B - 27! You sank my Battleship! The Canadian Geeks never cease to come up with weird and stupid ways ...
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