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1987 In The Great White North (Meister Style)

As my friend and esteemed colleague here at Decibel Geek, Wallygator, has featured in his “Hoser Heavy Metal” articles, there ...
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The Death of a WARLOCK Brings the Birth of a Metal Goddess

Way back in 1987 I was a fourteen-year-old kid starting to discover the pleasing sounds of non-radio played rock, usually ...
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AMERICAN DOG: This Threesome Does It Doggy Style

I just recently discovered this trio from Columbus, Ohio after reading a review on the internet.  I was searching for ...
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BUDGIE: The Best Band That You’ve Never Listened To!

The focus this week being on Rock Trio’s on the Decibel Geek Podcast, I thought this would be an excellent ...
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ZZ TOP: That Little ‘Ol Band From Texas

Put on your “Cheap Sunglasses” and do the “Tube Snake Boogie” as you “Party on the Patio” with ZZ Top’s ...
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