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SLASH Takes Toronto to Paradise City (Concert Review)

Veteran rocker Slash rolled into Toronto to play at The Sound Academy Sunday, September 23, 2012.  When I had first heard ...
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The Metal Heart Beats Once Again – Accept

THE METAL HEART BEATS ONCE AGAIN For anyone that has not yet discovered the “new” Accept you are seriously missing ...
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Go See The Doctor-An Interview with The Treatment

Go See The Doctor Many of you have probably not heard of The Treatment before unless you’ve seen The Tour ...
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Load The Shotgun – SHOTGUN MESSIAH

Shotgun Messiah started out in life known as Kingpin in their Swedish homeland and their CD Welcome To Bop City ...
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DIEMONDS Shine Brighter Than Steel

With a new CD set for release on October 2nd, 2012, I would like to introduce you to some booze soaked ...
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I Bit The BULLET (Album Review)

I BIT THE BULLET In my continuing quest to discover new (and new to me) bands and music, I often ...
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STP Disappoints in Hamilton Ontario!

A week ago I had the opportunity to see Stone Temple Pilots perform in nearby Hamilton Ontario.  I was rather ...
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1987: My Guilty Pleasures and Forgotten Treasures

There are a lot of forgotten and overlooked releases from the 80’s and 1987 is no exception.  While they may ...
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1987 In The Great White North (Meister Style)

As my friend and esteemed colleague here at Decibel Geek, Wallygator, has featured in his “Hoser Heavy Metal” articles, there ...
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The Death of a WARLOCK Brings the Birth of a Metal Goddess

Way back in 1987 I was a fourteen-year-old kid starting to discover the pleasing sounds of non-radio played rock, usually ...
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