AERODYNE - Damnation (Album Review)Heading To Damnation

Quite honestly is there anything bad that comes from the Sweden hard rock scene? I couldn’t even tell you how I came across this band, but I’m glad I did. Aerodyne, from Stockholm Sweden has a sound that I can’t really compare to anything, except to say it’s good…damn good. Nothing but straight forward metal in that classic metal sound. No showing off with how fast or technical they are. Just true fist thrusting hard rock and metal to be found on this album.

Aerodyne Leads us into Damnation

Forming in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2016, Damnation is the band’s second full-length album after 2017’s Breaking Free, and is packed full of all killer and no filler. It has well-written songs, great melodic hooks & riffs not to mention some hard-hitting percussions. I guess if I was to actually be trying to compare them to anyone I’d ask if you liked Iron Maiden. If your answer was yes, then I’d highly suggest Aerodyne. Personally, I think that Aerodyne is the perfect opener for any Maiden show to get the crowd fired up.

The Damnation begins with “Hellsiah”. Voices murmuring, the church bell tolls, and a cold wind sweeps over you. That’s when the guitar joins in with a hauntingly sounding choral pattern and plays along with the toll of the bells and then the rest of the band kicks in and bam…You’re “Out for Blood”! This second song is a guitar lover’s dream. Playing like a person possessed the whole band just kills it. Marcus Heinonen, who now handles the lead vocals, uses the line “Hell is breaking loose”, and trust me, so far it is on this album.

Out For Blood

Damnation on Rock of Angels Records is available now on all formats of how you may consume your music. After “Out for Blood“, you’re right into a fast, hard paced track with, “Kick it Down”. A brutal punishment to the drums and guitars that make my fingers ache just thinking about playing this song.

March Davai” is the second single from the album. A more perfect song could not have been chosen. With a hard riff to begin and a charging sound into the song before a second guitar comes in, and the grittiness just continues throughout, as well as the hard-sung vocals. A true head pounder, and a sure-fire crowd-pleaser.


The title track “Damnation” brings us right back to the tolling of the bells and another great sounding guitar and drum intro, that just keeps picking up the pace. Again, with an almost Iron Maiden-ish feel, but still true to itself. Aerodyne has definitely found a sound that is truly theirs and unique. Nothing fancy here, but still packed full of that just hard melodic metal sound.

Kill or Be Killed” kicks in with a long-held note and then a blistering sound from the guitars and drums. A pace that Slayer would be proud of lives comfortably in this track. Vocals are being thrust in your face and the pace continues. Mosh pits and neck injuries are the prescriptions to this one.

AERODYNE - Damnation (Album Review)We end off the album with a harmonic sound and a guitar that sounds like it’s playing in an empty amphitheatre with a beautiful reverb. Then the attitude slams it way in and “Love, Eternal” starts. Guitars are treated again with lethal punishment, and skins are needing replaced. Simply terrific tune to finish off this album.

Psycho Thoughts

If Aerodyne continues to head into this direction, with this kind of playing and production, they will have great success in the future. Compared to the last album, I feel that the band has definitely hit their stride with Damnation. A definite album to be adding to your Christmas wish list, but I’d suggest just treating yourself early and just go get this. Mom won’t mind getting socks this year!

Fists up!



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  1. Hellsiah
  2. Out For Blood
  3. Kick It Down
  4. March Davai
  5. Murder In The Rye
  6. Under The Black Veil
  7. Damnation
  8. Kill or Be Killed
  9. The Nihilist
  10. Love, Eternal


  • Mike Heinonen – Lead Vocals
  • Johan Bergman – Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Daniel Almqvist – Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Thomas Berggren – Bass & Backing Vocals
  • Christoffer Almqvist – Drums & Backing Vocals