AGENDA - Maverick (January 31, 2020)New release from: AgendaMaverick January 31, 2020

AGENDA is not only a Hard Rock and Heavy Metal band from Wuppertal, Germany, no, they are much more. The band mirrors the attitude towards life of the five members. Initially founded in 2014 as a trio by Stefan Matschke (lead guitar, songwriter, bandleader), Denis Becker (rhythm guitar) and the then drummer Stefan Hampel, the band quickly achieved its first successes.

Their influences then as now: The metal sounds of the eighties and nineties. More precisely, in the sound of AGENDA, Accept, Megadeth, Judas Priest and AC/DC are combined in a powerful overall mix to create their own sound. Versatility is the great strength of the guys, whose mix of rock, metal and occasional ballads will again fascinate numerous fans on their new album.

In early 2019, AGENDA signed their first contract with Boersma-Records and immediately started working on their new EP. Maverick is the title that once again makes its mark on the world with a powerful mixture of different styles, but a clear root in heavy metal. An honestly created record that once again will fascinate fans of the band and whose songs will live generate unbelievable energy.


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