When I was a wee lad, I knew that music was forever going to be a HUGE thing in my life. It’s on when I wake up, shower/bath, drive, and in waiting rooms via smartphones these days! I’m forever on the lookout for new and exciting bands to fire me up, and make me say “Holy Sh*t!” Who is this”? Well even after all these years, and countless bands, I’ve found yet another in a Hard Rock Band from Italy called Alchemy. Read on for my thoughts on AlchemyDyadic.

This isn’t their first full-length album, with having self-produced EPs in 2013, and again in 2014. They found themselves with a single on the Tanzan Label music compilation in 2016. And their first album Never Too Late with Street Symphonies Records. This takes us to today in 2018. Coming out March 29th from Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group is Dyadic. The newest album from the Italian rockers. With hard-hitting vocals from Marcello Spera, Christinao Stefana on the guitars, Andrew Trabelsi on keyboards, and Matteo Castelli on bass, and last but not forgotten is Matteo Severini on drums.

This album is a collection of hard work, and perfect timing to get producer Pierpaolo “Zorro” Monti as well as sound engineer, Roberto Priori (Danger Zone, Raintimes, Wheels Of Fire) to make this masterpiece. Singer, Marcello stated that “We put everything we had into the songwriting, production, and recording processes to make this record sound huge, and I must say, the result is already astonishing. Working with top-notch melodic rock heroes, Pierpaolo Monti, Davide Barbieri, and Stefano Zeni really helped us deliver the best sound we could”. This listener/writer can simply say this…this could possibly make my list of top ten of 2019.

Alchemy - Dyadic

The CD opens with “Cursed”. A great hard-hitting intro the album, and showcases the great lyrical content with melodies, and hard-hitting musicianship. Pounding drums and great harmonies make this album opening tune an ear opener, leaving this listener wanting more.  Following in second is “One Step Away”.  Another absolute masterpiece of what Hard/Melodic Rock should sound like. In the infamous third position is, “Endless Quest”.  This tune follows in the same vein as the first two tracks but fits in perfectly. The sound and production on this is perfection to my ears. Each instrument is clear, concise, and compliments each other including the vocals.

In fourth place is “What It Takes”. Time to slow things down just a bit here. A soulful, and beautiful track, it’s a pleasure to listen to it. The harmonics in the song are an instrument onto itself here. After the nice breather, it’s back into overdrive, and they do it justice with the track “Nuketown”. This is a well-written song, the music alone could be a great instrumental track. The lyrics here stand out to me, and I wonder if there is a personal connection to it, but can relate to many others that actually pay attention to lyrics these days. “Day By Day” hits the middle spot on this album, and again is simply put, another hard-hitting track that has me wanting more once again.

Next up is “Hero”. A fast-paced drum and keys are very dominant on the beginning of this one but quickly turns into a fast-paced tune with mind blowing guitar solos and enough hooks to bring in the most critical listener. In slot eight is “Lost In The Dark”. A fist pounding song with a fast-paced guitar lick, and even a touch of the infamous Zakk Wylde pinch harmonics thrown in. Harmonies and fantastic production on this track make it another possible single to my ears.

In the third to last place is “Goodbye”.  Piano to start this one out and simple cymbal play, and harmonies lead this track into a beautiful slower paced tune. Seems kind of strange to me to have yet another slow song, but then again, I’m not the band nor the producer, and that’s why they make the bucks that I don’t. Still a good track though.

Second to last is “Take Another Shot”. This is a great track that has every element that makes a great Hard Rock album. Always leave the listener, wanting more, and this does. Closing the album out is the tune “Prisoner”. Maybe not the strongest on the album, but a good listen anyway. After listening to Dyadic I wanted to hear the whole album over again, and that’s key to having a great album, which this is. Everything you could want from a Melodic/Hard Rock band these days is packed into 50 minutes of pure ear ecstasy.

Keep your eyes out for the album Dyadic and the band Alchemy because if this album has anything to say, it’s that they aren’t going anywhere, and are heading into a bright future in today’s music business. Remember, support the music, and buy this album…You won’t be disappointed!

Peace Out!  #supportthemusic #rockisntdead

Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall

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