Back in September 1986, I had my first experience. No, not that one, and that’s a much different story too. The experience I am talking about is the crazy, unpredictable, black-eyed crazy man, Alice Cooper. Constrictor had just dropped onto the masses of fans, but to me, this was a whole new thing. My journey into Hard Rock and Heavy Metal of many variations had taken a liking to the theatrical side of things, and someone suggested to try Alice Cooper. Being a major KISS fan, I figured from what I heard about, this chick was worth checking out.

Needless to say, after figuring out a few MAJOR things I was wrong about (Alice being a guy for one!) and that he didn’t really kill himself on stage at night (although one era, that might be debated) I was definitely hooked. Well here we are 30+ years later, and Alice is still alive and rocking, and I’m still scooping up each album as he releases them. I personally have seen Alice numerous times live, and all I can say is each show seems to be better than the last.

The Newest Crumb

On September 13th, 2019 the Almighty Alice released an EP for his fans to clamour over. Of course, we all would have loved a new full-length album, but at his age and never-ending touring schedule, I for one will take what I can get. Breadcrumbs is a 6 pack tribute to some of the Rock Heroes from Alice‘s hometown of Detroit. Showing his respect and love for the punk scene of the later ’60s & 70s, Alice revisits his hometown loves.

Once again paired together with his long-time producer Bob Ezrin, Breadcrumbs is compiled of 6 brand new recordings and features some cult Detroit musicians. Names like Johnny “Bee” Badanjek (Detroit Wheels), Mark Farner (Grand Funk) and MC5’s Wayne Kramer. The record was also recorded at Rust Belt Studios in Detroit.

The Album Crumbs

Alice Cooper - BreadcrumbsThe opener is “Detroit City 2020”. This is an updated rewrite of “Detroit City” from 2003’s The Eyes Of Alice Cooper album. It sets the tone and mood for this EP and gets the ball rolling. Next up is an all-new Alice original. “Go Man Go” is a true Alice song, but has that Detroit punk feel all over it. Any Alice fan will love it. Next up is the one I wasn’t sure about until I heard it. The Black Eyed man has decided to take on Detroit legend Bob Seger, and his classic, “East Side Story” I tell ya, I would have loved to be able to hear that conversation…Bob…It’s Alice Cooper…I want to re-record one of your songs” LOL. Alice then takes on another Detroit legend, with Suzi Quatro‘s “Your Mama Won’t Like Me”, and quite successfully does so on all accounts on both the aforementioned songs.

Alice continues his tribute with his rendition of Shorty Long’s “Devil With A Blue Dress On” and flows right into The Dirtbombs’ “Chains Of Love”. Reluctantly the EP comes to an all too soon close with the MC5’s “Sister Anne”.

Psycho Thoughts

Breadcrumbs won’t be found in your local CD stores but is definitely available on digital and as a limited vinyl release. Even Amazon is making available all formats it can. Again, as much as I would have loved a new, all original material full-length album. I cannot shake my head at this one. It’s a fun and really enjoyable Alice Cooper album. One thing I’ve learned from all the years listening to the man is to never underestimate, and never stop expecting the unexpected. Just listen to it, enjoy it, and love the music and the man!




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