One of Japan’s biggest metal bands has released their newest, and 18th record, (not counting live, and compilation albums) Nucleus via Golden Robot Records (USA)/Nuclear Blast Records (Europe) It’s a two-disc edition of their greatest hits re-recorded in English. All the familiar elements their fans love are here. Like the screaming vocals, anthemic choruses, and intricate guitar playing.

A Brief History

Formed in Tokyo in 1981, the band released its self-titled debut in 1985 to much success. Proving that they could stand alongside other Metal Japanese greats, such as Loudness, Earthshaker, and as well as X Japan. The band suffered numerous personnel changes until the year 1992 when it was disbanded.

In the year 2000, the band reformed with none other than Graham Bonnet, former lead singer of Rainbow and Alcatrazz. After a year, Eizo Sakamoto returned to the band on vocals. Even though the band seemed to have a rotating door of members, they kept rocking along. With over a dozen releases, numerous DVDs, and greatest hits packages, the band’s sound hasn’t strayed from the heavy metal/power metal sound with melodic hooks, and powerful interludes.

Anthem - NucleusWith band members switching and changing seemingly with each year, it would be a little much to be listing them all here. Regardless of the band changes the sound has remained true to its fan base. The newest release is no exception. On December 17, 2018, the band released the first single “Black Empire” off of Nucleus originally sung by Eizo Sakamoto and now sung by Yukio Morikawa.

The amazing thing about this two-disc package is that on disc one all the songs except, “Venom Strike,” were written after their reunion in 2001. This simply proves that Anthem doesn’t need to rely on any of their past. Disc two of this package are all live recordings to prove to you how the songs translate into a live setting. Simply put, if you have never listened to Anthem it’s time to rectify that mistake.

Rock on!

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  • Naoto Shibata (Bass)
  • Akio Shimizu (Guitars)
  • Yukio Morikawa (Vocals)
  • Isamu Tamaru (Drums)

Tracks: Disc One

  1. Immortal Blind
  2. Black Empire
  3. Overload
  4. Stranger
  5. Linkage
  6. Eternal Warrior
  7. Ghost in the Flame
  8. Venom Strike
  9. Awake
  10. Omega Man (Instrumental)
  11. Pain
  12. Echoes in the Dark
  13. Unbroken Sign

Disc Two

  1. Gypsy Ways (Win Lose or Draw) (Live)
  2. Love in Vain (Live)
  3. Bad Habits Die Hard (Live)
  4. Legal Killing (Live)
  5. Cryin’ Heart (Live)
  6. Silent Child (Live)
  7. Midnight Sun (Live)
  8. Shout It Out! (Live)
  9. Final Risk (Live)
  10. Night Stalker (Live)