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Bloodstock Metal Festival are keeping the announcements coming for next years shindig at Catton Hall in Derbyshire by announcing headliners for some of the nights on the second stage known as the Sophie Lancaster (Sophie for short). Both Saturday and Sunday have headliners that I do not believe have ever played the festival before which is cool. BLOODSTOCKSophie Headliners & More (Festival News)

Friday night brings a band that are truly original and interesting as well as entertaining. The wonderfully titled outfit Bloodywood are from New Delhi and mix those local sounds to their grooving metal. As far as I can find out they formed only 3 years ago and they feature a rapper doing most of the verses in English and a singer who does most of the choruses in either Hindi or Punjabi as well as instruments local to India including a Dohl drum (a double-headed slung over the shoulder) along with flute and a single-stringed Tumbi which is plucked and gives a very folky feel to their music. Checking out their YouTube videos they create music with a good heart and deal with subjects such as depression and bullying (see video below) taking time at the end to explain the meaning or background of their songs. They look very lively and not to be missed on their first visit to the festival!

Saturday night headliners in the Sophie is death metal with a conscience Cattle Decapitation from California. After 19 years and 6 albums they are as far as I know playing Bloodstock for the first time (I haven’t seen them at any that I have been at and I do not see their name on any of the year lists) however I am happy to be corrected if wrong. They have a brand new album dropping at the end of November (29th) called Death Atlas on Metal Blade. Vocalist Travis Ryan is a man that has a number of vocal styles and voices and seems to get better with age. The band are brutal musically but lyrically they show great concern for the planet and all life on it. Sometimes they are called “vegan” but the band says that they try to be but it is not always possible especially on the road. They are aware of their own carbon footprint but try to do what they urge others to do and that is to do the best you can individually and have “compassion for others, the environment and animals” which is pretty sage advice. They will rip it up on the Saturday!

Mainstage Headliner Friday At Bloodstock: Devin Townsend

Mainstage Headliner Friday At Bloodstock: Devin Townsend

Going back to Friday and looking at lower down the bill there is the return of post-metal crew Bossk. This ambient and experimental band come from Kent have been around for quite a few years but only have the one album up to now that being Audio Noir which came out in 2016. They are making suggestions of something brand new for 2020 to hopefully unveil at Bloodstock.

Moving to Saturday again, coming along as “special guests” are Birmingham old school death metal outfit Memoriam who are making a welcome return from 2018. The band comprise of ex-Bolt Thrower singer Karl Willetts and Benediction bassist Frank Healy. Their third album Requiem For Mankind came out in June on Nuclear Blast. Another band with social awareness, brutality and a desire to relentlessly pound messages into our brains along with riffs aplenty. They always impress and are almost stalwarts of Bloodstock. Catch them Saturday in the tent late evening!

Also playing on Saturday are Ramage Inc from Edinburgh. Fronted by Bryan Ramage who also plays guitar and produces (not just his own band but others too) they originally played the New Blood stage back in 2016. Due to destroying the place and going down a storm, they were immediately asked back in 2017 to play the Sophie on the Thursday half day. Now they make it up to the main 3 days of the festival. Having released 5 albums they have a good back catalogue with their last Under The Skin garnering rave reviews including one from this reviewer. They call themselves “ambient progressive metal” and the new stuff has a real Devin Townsend vibe about it (that is no criticism). Catch them early day on the Sophie Saturday!

Finally, on Sunday we have one more band to add to the weekend’s bill and that is Green Lung from London. A lovely heady mix of stoner and doom merged with 60s and 70s psychedelia and classic rock. On checking them out I heard elements of Black Sabbath but also on one track an element of Martin Barre ex of Jethro Tull! They have an album out called Woodland Rites which sounds like a Tull title mixed with some occult influences. Although only been going a couple of years they sound terrific.

All that and headliners Devin Townsend, Behemoth and Judas Priest on the main stage (Dio Stage) who are backed up with Philip P Anselmo & The Illegals, Skindred, Paradise Lost (doing all of Draconian Times album), Life Of Agony, Black Dahlia Murder, Diamond Head, Jinjer, Vio-Lence, Sacred Reich, Gloryhammer, Dark Tranquillity and Butcher Babies.

Early bird tickets end December 15 so if you want to buy tickets at a discounted rate then get along to the link below before it is too late. VIP and children’s tickets are available (the festival is very child-friendly).

The event will be held next August 6 to 9.

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