BRANDON BAUMANN - Manifestation (January 31, 2020)New release from: BRANDON BAUMANNManifestation (January 31, 2020)

Brandon Baumann, frontman of Diamond Lane unveils details of his first solo effort. CGCM Listeners may recall we featured Diamond Lane in an early podcast episode on the Rocklahoma Festival from 2017.

Here’s the Facebook post below (with slight edits):

Thrilling times of major risk-taking! My first solo album Manifestation comes out on January 31st and here is the cover! Hit the link below to scoop your pre-order and check the FIRST comment for an explication on how this title and direction came to be 🌀❗️✌🏼

The First Comment: The Law of Attraction states that whatever you think, will manifest into your reality. Thoughts become things. This album is a Manifestation of something positive and tangible that I created out of a place of paralysis that held me captive for the past few years. Having the strength to put this body of work together and unleash into the world, reminds me that even after all these years, the fire to create still burns brightly. And satisfies deeply. Just know, even in times of doubt, believing in what you are/can be is sometimes the only thing you need to save you from yourself and propel forward.

When I met with David Ruelas for the art direction— we talked about life. How our present is the constant intersection of what we were and where we’ve been, what we are now, and where we are going/want to go. The #blurryface represents the crossroads of those worlds and shifting the focus towards a greater light. A greater meaning. Fulfillment. I can’t wait for you all to share in this new musical journey with me. And can only promise that I won’t let you down. Here’s to the next chapter 👊🏼🙌🏼🍕 #BBmusicLife #manifestation

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