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CGCM Podcast EP#107-Battle of the Playlists 1985

With the Covid-19 Lockdown still in full effect, the Canadian Geeks have decided to look back at a year full of fun and frivolity. Yes they are referring to 1985 and the halfway point of what is widely referred to as the Decade if Decadence. Hard rock and heavy metal had exploded into the mainstream. […]

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CGCM Podcast EP#72-Playlist Battle #4 (1983)

Well it’s been a long time coming but the Canadian Geeks are finally resuming their Decade of Decadence “Playlist Battle”. A competition that pits Wallygator vs. The Meister with our listeners deciding who will step out of the ring victorious. Each host has created a 6 song playlist of songs that were on albums released […]

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CGCM Podcast EP#25 – Battle of the Playlists (1982)

The Canadian Geeks return to continue the decade of decadence “Battle of the Playlists”! This week, Wallygator and the Meister do battle for the year 1982! For those that are keeping score the boys are tied 1-1 in this 10 episode battle. So the gloves come off as we feature some of the amazing hard […]

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CGCM Podcast EP#18 “The Return of Annie” – Battle of the Playlists 1979

CGCM Podcast EP#18-The Canadian Geeks return for another “Battle of the Playlists” episode. This time they welcome back Annie who provided the inspiration for Episode 2 – “What Defines Heavy Metal”. Annie, CGCM’s “Number One Fan” has challenged Wallygator into an epic Playlist Battle for the year 1979! The Geeks pack up their recording gear […]

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You Wanted the Best! You got the Kanadian Geeks as they deliver their first ever KISS themed episode. Wallygator and The Meister recorded the episode on the three year anniversary of KISS/Def Leppard/Kobra & The Lotus show at the then Molson Amphitheatre. As always many beers were harmed during the recording so the boys are […]

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CGCM Podcast EP#10 – “1989” Battle of the Playlists with special guest host, Sonny Pooni

CGCM Podcast EP#10 – In a very special episode of the CGCM Podcast, hosts Wallygator and The Meister welcome their first special guest. In support of the upcoming Nashville Rock n Pod Expo, the Canadian Geeks of CGCM are joined by Mr. Sonny Pooni. Sonny calls in from California and challenges Wallygator in a 1989 […]

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CGCM Podcast EP#6 – Battle of the Playlists (1981)

Welcome back to another episode of the Canadian Geeks “With Beers” Chat Metal Podcast. This week’s episode is the 2nd in a 10 part competition. Dubbed the “Battle Of The Playlists”, this round featuring music released in the year 1981. The concept is simple, both Wallygator and the Meister create their own 6 pack playlist […]

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CGCM Podcast EP#3 – Battle of the Playlists (1980)

Forget about Wrestlemania, Summerslam or the Royal Rumble, it’s now time for the CGCM – Battle Of The Playlists! This episode is the first in a ten part series that spans the decade of decadence. Working through the 80’s sequentially each battle will pit The Meister Vs. Wallygator to see who will be crowned the […]

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