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SWEDEN ROCK 2019 Coverage


CALL OF THE WILD Festival Coverage

SIN SAVAGE – Lost In The Dark (EP Review)

Let me tell you about a new band that I have discovered. Sin Savage (formerly known as Nightmare BE), is a group from Belgium with a new EP entitled Lost In The Dark.  I read that this album was a good combination of hard and heavy riffs, mixed with some great writing, and some fantastic […]

BULLET – Live (Album Review)

Bullet is a straight-ahead AC/DC-style Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Vaxjo, Sweden. Originally culminating in 1996, the current roster sees Dag “Hell” Hofer (vocals), Adam Hector (bass), Gustav Hjortsjo (drums), Hampus Klang (guitars) and Alexander Lyrbo (guitars). One of my early articles, when I started out writing for Decibel Geek, was a piece on Bullet. […]

SKY EMPIRE – The Dark Tower (Album Review)

I have yet another Progressive Metal band that I need to let you know about. Releasing their debut album, The Dark Tower, which only has five tracks, but they are amazing sounding tracks! You can describe their sound a bastard child of heavy rock bands like Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, and Rush, with a touch […]

HARBOUR OF SOULS – Doomsayer (Album Review)

Sitting here sifting through the many albums I have to try to get the time to listen to, I once again come across one that kinda stood out to me. A plain-looking cover with no band name, no logo, just a really cool looking sketch artwork. I decided to give it a go. Being that […]

INFRARED – Back to the Warehouse (EP Review)

Ottawa’s classic thrashers INFRARED issued their EP Back To The Warehouse on June 14, 2019. Comprised of older material, the EP comes ahead of the next full-length, planned for a 2020 release. The band states: “They are the last of the old songs that we felt should see the light of day. Our upcoming EP is […]

WARRIOR ANGEL – Griffin 1.29, Chapter 1 (Album Review)

New? Something new and probably unknown to many? Sure…We’ve got that. How about some Canadian Rock with a Yugoslavian background? A true story telling of passion, love, pain and sadness. A story that only those close to it can truly understand. Sound like a plot of a Friday night feature? Nope, it’s the new album […]

FUTURE NOW – Utopia Awaits (Album Review)

Again, I sit here, recovering from surgery. Bored…yes, but time to maybe see what’s new, and happening in the music world. Recently I was contacted by a new band that is trying to carve a niche out for themselves, like many other musicians. I’m one of those people that tend to first look at the […]

SABATON – The Great War (Album Review)

    SABATON – The Great War Out July 19th, 2019 Formed in 1999, Sabaton’s first album was Fist for Fight, a compilation consisting of material from two demo tapes recorded between 1999 and 2000. After that, 2005 brought the second album, Primo Victoria, where Sabaton made their true mark and never looked back. Headlining […]

BLIND CROSS – Merciless Time (Album Review)

Time to tell you once again about some new, upcoming Power Metal! Like I’ve said before in one of my reviews, I’m picky about my metal. This one falls into that rare category that I actually really like it! The unique voice, effective riffs, and the out of this world playing is worth the time […]

BARSTOOL PROPHETS – Crank (Retro Review)

Ever get tired of nothing but “new” music? Don’t get me wrong, I love discovering new bands, awesome new songs, and albums, but sometimes the old favourites from days gone by get lost in the shuffle. And, subsequently forgotten. With the sheer influx of pre-release promos I receive from companies and outlets around the world, […]