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BANDAID BRIGADE – Edinburgh Banshee Jan 31 (Gig Review)

A Little Background: One of the great things about writing and reviewing is that you get some lovely offers from agencies to check out bands on their roster. Sometimes they are bands that you haven’t heard of. This happened to me when I opened an email asking if I might be interested in checking out […]

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BLOODSTOCK – Thursday Bands (News)

Thursday at Bloodstock Metal Festival is special. Only folks with full weekend tickets are able to enjoy the entertainment put on. As always, there is a line up of bands to get the weekend party started and Bloodstock have announced the bands to perform for the pre-show event at Catton Hall Derbyshire on the 6th […]

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ADX – Bestial (Album Review)

Background: ADX are a new name on me. As there was no information with the stream that was sent I had to go googling to try and get some background about them. They are supposedly “speed metal” however on listening to the album they are more varied than that. The band originates from Paris, France. […]

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MARKO HIETALA – Pyre Of The Black Heart (Album Review)

Background: Marko Hietala is probably best known as bassist and the harsher voice of symphonic metal outfit Nightwish. For the first time, he has stepped out on his own with his album Pyre Of The Black Heart. The album has been available for a while now in his own language of Finnish, but he has […]

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BLOODSTOCK Announce 7 More Bands (Festival News)

To get the new year underway Bloodstock announce 7 more bands for the event to be held once again at Catton Hall Derbyshire the weekend of August 6 to 9. In this we have 3 announcements for the main stage named after legend Ronnie James Dio and normally just referred to as the Dio and […]

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