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BLOODSTOCK Announce New Alliance Festival For August (Festival News)

An exciting new event is going to be happening for metalheads the weekend of August 9 to 11, the very weekend that thousands of fans should have been attending Bloodstock Metal Festival. It is all part of a brand new venture involving Bloodstock along with 12 other independent metal festivals who are aiming to firstly […]

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ARABS IN ASPIC – Madness And Magic (Album Review)

All Important Background: Arabs In Aspic cite their influences as “60s and 70s” and are partially named after a King Crimson album so it gives a good clue as to what sort of music they perform. There is certainly plenty of both Genesis and Pink Floyd in what they do, in fact, I would say it is kind of a mix of […]

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KILLITOROUS – The Afterparty (Album Review)

Background Information: Killitorous are a band comprising members of other bands such as Annihilator, First Fragment, Suffocation with a host of guests on different songs from even more acts like Leprous, Cryptopsy, Voivod and Firewind to name but a few. The Afterparty is the follow up to their debut Party Grind from 2014. As can […]

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SEIGMEN – 5 (yes FIVE) Album Review In One! (Album Review)

A Bit Of Seigmen History: Seigmen are a band from Norway who became a leading light in rock and alternative music there. They released 5 albums between 1989 and 2000, most of which have never appeared on vinyl as well as the CDs having been out of print for many years. Well, Karisma Records have […]

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