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THE EROTICS – Lets Kill Rock and Roll (Album Review)

Let’s Kill Rock And Roll Self-described as “Alice Cooper Before He Found Religion” The Erotics are back with another dose of sleazy punk and classic rock on their new album Let’s Kill Rock and Roll. With more than 10 albums under their belt The Erotics, from Albany, NY, bring their sleazy antics of straightforward rock […]

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LESBIAN BED DEATH – Born To Die On VHS (Album Review)

Born To Die On VHS Ah the good ol’ VHS. Back before DVDs, highspeed internet, and now a thing of the past. However, the past isn’t always a bad thing. We had probably the greatest generation of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal ever, and who can forget those unmistakeable films! Lesbian Bed Death is no […]

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CRASHDIET – Quarantine Thrills Live! (Online Concert Review)

Quarantine Thrills Live Well once again around the world many fans clamouring for something as simple as a live act has tuned in to a live stream to subside those cravings for some (sort of) live music. This time it was Crashdiet from Sweden settling those desires.  Like the rest of the world I was […]

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LEATHERJACKS – Extremely Dangerous (Album Review)

Leatherjacks – Extremely Dangerous One thing I know for sure is that I still know after buying my very first cassette, is that I love discovering new bands and music that makes the hairs on my arms stand up. While there are many more ways to discover music these days (I won’t say how many […]

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PASSION – Under The Covers E.P. (Album Review)

A little Passion Under The Covers One of the things I think everyone loves is a little Passion Under The Covers. Honestly, who doesn’t love that?  One other thing these days is a pleasant surprise. A band releasing an E.P. that I knew about is just that… A surprise! It was a great shock to […]

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ONE DESIRE – Midnight Empire (Album Review)

In a world that is on the verge of economic collapse, and pandemics, it’s easy to fall into a pit of despair and lose all hope. However these days it is the little things that keep a smile on a person’s face. A hug from a child. A neighbour that offers help, and yes, music. […]

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THE WILD – Live From Quarantine (Virtual Concert Review)

Live from Quarantine In today’s world, everything has come to a screeching halt. From flights, travel, and everything else right down to be able to get toilet paper for you and your family! While COVID-19 has taken away the rights of the world to even get outdoors and walk the beach it has not taken […]

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Psycho’s Pandemic Playlist (Blog)

Psycho’s Pandemic Playlist Let’s just call it what it is. The world has gone to hell in a handbasket. Globally people are in lockdown, or self-isolation, and stuck indoors until the unforeseeable future. Not to mention that we are stuck with the kids and our spouses as well­. To some folks this is a great […]

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ROCKBORN – Born To Rock (Album Review)

Were You “Born To Rock”? I always thought that someone had to pass on before being reincarnated (if you believe in that!) However I think the people upstairs have made an exception and decided that the world needed another Led Zeppelin within it to help the masses around the globe while fighting this pandemic. To […]

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