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TURBYNE – Arc (Album Review)

About The Band Arc is the second album from Scottish progressive rock/metal outfit Turbyne. Their first came out back in 2015 but since then they have been writing as well as gigging including playing Bloodstock Metal Festival where this reviewer first came across them. Since the last album Origins And Endings, they have added a full-time […]

GYPSY PISTOLEROS – The Mescalito Vampires (July 09, 2021)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: GYPSY PISTOLEROS – The Mescalito Vampires (July 09, 2021) Described as the album they always promised to make, this release sees GYPSY PISTOLEROS fully embracing their fiery flamenco/rumba passion crossover punk Rock n Roll leanings! The Latin Rock equivalent of Appetite for Destruction, The Mescalito Vampires […]

PHILM – Time Burner (Album Review)

An Introduction To The Band Philm are a 3-piece outfit who play music that is rock but yet kind of isn’t. The band used to have Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame sitting in the drum seat but they sound nothing like that. Bands or artists that I noted whilst listening included Black Sabbath, Syd Barret […]

MAUDIIR – La Part Du Diable – (EP Review)

“Who The “F” Is? Maudiir is a Canadian metal artist comprising of one guy called F. In the press release it said all instruments by F, all songs written, produced and mastered by F. I wondered who is this elusive character? Well, it mentioned he was a member of the band Trinity Blast. Looking them […]

GHOSTS OF SUNSET – Headed West (EP Review)

An Introduction Ghosts Of Sunset is the brainchild of two singer/songwriters and musicians called John Merchant and Todd Long. Headed West is a kind of a love story to the days of the 1980s glam or hair metal scene. The music is definitely in keeping with that era and the lyrics tell the story of […]

IRON ANGEL – Emerald Eyes (October 02, 2020)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: IRON ANGEL – Emerald Eyes (October 02, 2020) German Speed Metal legend Iron Angel returns this year with the release of their forthcoming fourth studio album Emerald Eyes, which is set for release in October of 2020 by Mighty Music. The follow-up to their 2018 comeback […]

TOKYO MOTOR FIST – Lions (July 10, 2020)

Check out all our Upcoming Release announcements New release from: TOKYO MOTOR FIST – Lions (July 10, 2020) Tokyo Motor Fist’s self-titled debut scratched an itch for music fans who have been starving for new albums from Trixter or Danger Danger (and who also happen to love Def Leppard) and now the band delivers another fix […]

CGCM Podcast EP#105-Around the World in 80 Episodes China

CGCM Podcast

Join the Canadian Geeks as they head out to the “Land Of The Dragon”. That’s right, it’s time for another episode of “Around The World In 80 Episode – China”. Obviously we don’t really visit China. We aren’t even allowed to leave the house as the world remains under pandemic lock down. The “Around The […]