Team Top TensTonight is the final instalment in our Top Albums of 2020 here at CGCM Radio. You have already heard Wallygator and the Meister’s Top Tens. The DJ’s at CGCM Radio have all produced their own individual Top Ten shows. So all that is left to do now, is to take a deep dive into the lists from the NON-DJ staff.

With so many albums up for consideration this year, there is no doubt that the Canadian Geeks likely missed something. That is why the Team Top Tens has now become an annual tradition.

The Team Top Tens!


Our team here at CGCM Rock Radio are as musically obsessed as Wallygator and the Meister. They volunteer their services writing articles, reviewing albums, photographing shows (when we had shows!) and assisting us with other tasks behind the scenes. We would not be where we are today without them and this show is just a small thanks to our entire team for all that they do. As always, every year they uncover some music we completely missed.

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