Episode 107 Battle Of The Playlists 1985With the Covid-19 Lockdown still in full effect, the Canadian Geeks have decided to look back at a year full of fun and frivolity. Yes they are referring to 1985 and the halfway point of what is widely referred to as the Decade if Decadence.

Hard rock and heavy metal had exploded into the mainstream. The “kids” were buying the music, growing their hair and slipping on their spandex. MTV and the Radio charts were clamoring to share the newest Def Leppards and Ratts and WASPs. It was a wonderful time to be getting into rock music.

This week’s episode has the Geeks resuming their big battle of the Playlists. If this is your first Battle episode, the concept is simple. You will hear not one but two “6” song playlists in their entirety. All of the music played within was all released in the year 1985. After listening to BOTH lists it is up to you to decide which 1985 Playlist is the BEST!” There is no right or wrong, simply which playlist you felt kicked ass!

Playlist “A” or Playlist “B”

The fun part is, you don’t know going in which playlist belongs to the Meister and which one is Wallygator’s. The vote is completely blind. Just like the Meister’s mother always warned him would happen if he didn’t stop…..

Anyways, to record your vote we have made it super simple. Head over to our Facebook page, look for this exact episode and a “pole” link is all set up and ready for you to enter in your vote.

The boys have been battling out each year and so far the results are as follows,

1980 – Wallygator
1981 – The Meister
1982 – Wallygator
1983 – The Meister
1984 – The Meister

Without sports to stoke your competitive fire, you can help us determine the winner for the best 1985 Playlist! So far the Meister has a 3-2 lead in the Decade Of Decadence battle. So you can stop betting on the racing marbles videos and put your votes behind “Battle of the Playlists”. Playlist A or Playlist B? The choice is yours.

You can only vote once and voting ends Thursday May 21st at midnight EST.

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