On The Radio

Welcome everyone to CGCM Radio. Yes we just said RADIO! Episode #111 of the CGCM Podcast is the first ever episode to be broadcast on your new favourite radio station. CGCM Radio – “What Rock Radio Should Be”.

The Canadian Geeks deliver a radio themed episode each selecting songs that either contain the word radio in the title, or at the very least have a radio theme. The Meister took this exercise literally. He actually came up with six songs all titled simply, “radio”.

CGCM Podcast “On The Radio”


I suppose an explanation is in order here. Sometime back in mid March, the Meister came up with the insane idea of CGCM Radio. He called Wallygator who upon hearing the idea responded with, “are you fucking high?”. After some laughs they decided to actually take a serious look into what exactly was involved in starting their own station.

They then brought the idea to the staff at www.cgcmpodcast.com to see if any of the writers wanted to be involved in being a part of the station. Wallygator and the Meister thought that if 2 or 3 of the staff came on board then CGCM Radio might just be doable. They were met with overwhelming support and enthusiasm from the team.

They got to work behind the scenes and put together a master plan. While the world was in a state of lockdown watching Tiger King, the Canadian Geeks were building a radio station. They set the launch date of June 1st and they toiled away. Many hours, late nights and lots of beers later CGCM Radio – What Rock Radio Should Be was born.

3 Ways you can listen to CGCM Radio

  1. Go to http://www.cgcmpodcast.com click play on the embedded player near the top of the page and crank it up! Our pop out player is found right here…http://player.live365.com/a81635
  2. Go to http://www.live365.com search for CGCM Radio, hit play and crank it up!
  3. Download the LIVE365 App for your iphone or android, search CGCM Radio and crank it up!

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