CGCM Podcast EP#18

CGCM Podcast EP#18-The Canadian Geeks return for another “Battle of the Playlists” episode. This time they welcome back Annie who provided the inspiration for Episode 2 – “What Defines Heavy Metal”. Annie, CGCM’s “Number One Fan” has challenged Wallygator into an epic Playlist Battle for the year 1979!

The Geeks pack up their recording gear and head out of town to set up the ring for a no holds  barred “Family Edition of the Battle of the Playlists”. Drippy, I mean the Meister will once again act as out impartial referee as Annie and Wallygator throwdown with their own custom 6-Pack of songs.

Learn why the Meister gets called Drippy, learn the challenges Annie had preparing her 1979 playlist. Listen as the Canadian Geeks get serenaded, some in-depth music discussion about “heavy metal”, Sid and Nancy, Blondie, Fart Metal and most importantly some insight on what Meatloaf may have been talking about with “I Would Do Anything For Love” but he won’t do what?!?!

Wallygator’s – Dick In The Dirt Track – “False Flag Operation” – Electric Guitars

The Meister’s – Dick In The Dirt Track – “Loud Stuff” –  The Dirty Denims