We heard you missed us we’re back! So some of you have seen the Meister‘s Facebook post discussing all of many reasons that resulted in our “longer than planned” hiatus from the podcasting world and the exception of Wallygator’s penchant and addiction to touching himself all are pretty much true and valid. Wallygator’s private time has in no way affected the podcast hiatus but we will keep you posted if that changes.

This latest lag in podcast production had us questioning ourselves. Was it worth the effort? There is a ton of work producing a podcast and real life continues to throw obstacles at us. The biggest difficulty is really finding the time to get together. Our working schedules couldn’t be more opposite.

We recently called an emergency meeting.  At a bar with frosty cold beers (well duh!) and put all of our cards into the table. We both decided that the CGCM was going to continue. We put together a realistic plan to move forward starting with this very episode. The biggest reason for our decision was the number of positive comments we have been receiving. When we hear that we have turned someone on to a new band, it’s beyond rewarding to both of us. So keep those comments coming everyone.

Fantasy Island Radio – Part 1

So here we go, diving head first into our third year of Podcast mayhem. We begin with Fantasy Island Radio Part One. This episode idea came to be from a Facebook post that appeared on Wallygator’s Facebook feed. Basically, it discussed the reality that mainstream radio all but ignores new music from the rock genre and not just new bands, radio all but ignores classic artists as well relying on the 3 or 4 classic hits of yesterday to fill their rotation. Honestly, AC/DC has more songs than “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Back in Black”, like when was the last time you heard something off Rock or Bust or Black Ice on your radio? Exactly, you just don’t and it’s a crying shame.

The Facebook thread in question was discussing the song “Rock n Roll Outlaw” that has been recently covered by Brian Vollmer (Helix) on his recent Get Your Hands Dirty. Mr. Vollmer himself chimes in on the thread to mirror the sentiment that radio barely accepts new music into the rotation.

Our answer to this is Fantasy Island Radio. The Geeks, drink beer (well duh!) and deliver some hard rock double shots. The first song, a classic from the good old days and songs you would actually hear on the radio. Followed by something more current from the same artist’s catalogue and most likely completely ignored from mainstream radio.

This is what radio should be, this is what radio could be. This is why we listen to podcasts dammit!!!!

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