CGCM Podcast EP#58 - Fantasy Island Radio Part 2Tired of the state of your radio station? Are they playing the same 20 songs over and over again? Tired of hearing the same two or three Zeppelin tunes, the same two AC/DC songs? Hell, if all you ever listen to is terrestrial radio, it would appear that the Rolling Stones only ever recorded five songs in 50 years. So forget about your transistor radio and hop on Da-Plane, this is CGCM Podcast EP#58 – Fantasy Island Radio. A musical paradise that plays hits and deep cuts and accepts the new!

During part two the boys discuss the KISS End Of The Road Tour, meet and greets and the dreaded “CRS” syndrome that afflicts men over 40. They kick off the music with a pair of D.I.T.D.’s. Wallygator selects Hal Spark‘s Zero 1 band and the track “Panic Attack” while the Meister spins some Danko Jones with the song “Play The Blues”.

From there they hop the plane to Fantasy Island where the beer is cold, the sun is hot and the radio sounds a little like this…

CGCM Podcast EP#58 – Fantasy Island Radio Part 2

Six double shots of loud Canadian Rock carries you through the rest of the show. The first tune of each double shot is an old classic track from back in the day. Followed by something a little more current from the same artist. This week’s double-shots feature music from FIST, Brighton Rock, Kick Axe, Sven Gali, Von Groove and finishing off with “Canada’s Queen of Scream” Darby Mills!

Darby Mills/Killer Dwarfs Mini-Tour News / Trevor’s Darby Mills Blog

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