CGCM Podcast EP#78 - Never Have I Ever...Welcome everyone to the next episode of the Canadian Geeks Chatting Metal Podcast! Tonight’s episode is entitled “Never Have I Ever”. It’s basically one of those stupid Facebook things that often make the rounds online.

The Geeks somehow figured a way to spin this into a full podcast episode, complete with dicks in the dirt and a healthy dose of quality metal. Along the way, you will learn many things that the Meister and Wallygator both have and have not done.

Prior to jumping in you will get quite possibly the longest tangent ever told on the show. Best enjoyed highly intoxicated, so break them out early! It involves drunken craziness, Hollywood, red carpet movie premieres and a little more drunken craziness.


From there the Canadian Geeks work their way through one of the “Never Have I Ever” lists and compare notes along the way. You will find out riveting information about the hosts including…

Has either host broken a bone?, skipped school?, gone skydiving? Which host has been zip lining? Who fired a gun? Ridden a horse? Scuba Diving? You will find out these and more. Beer is consumed and the boys even figure out a way to include some kick ass hard rock and heavy metal tunes that tie in perfectly. So go to the fridge, grab yourself a 6-pack and we will meet you back here. As always the CGCM Podcast goes better with beer.

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