CGCM Podcast EP#-79-Riot Radio Vol. 9 (Wally)Welcome to CGCM Podcast‘s Riot Radio! The Riot Radio concept: Every other week CGCM brings you a podcast episode with less talk and more rock. Terrestrial radio has become homogenized. Satellite radio falling to the same fate. Remember the days when radio played bands like Helix and AC/DC etc and not just the hits, but deep cuts and new music? How about a brand new band? One that you’ve never heard before, perhaps even a foreign band? Miss those days? Well, CGCM is bringing them back! That’s what our Riot Radio is all about! The co-hosts take turns each week in playing solo DJ to spin some great Hard Rock/Metal music that you may be unfamiliar with and we feel needs to be showcased. You know…how terrestrial and satellite radio SHOULD be! Welcome to CGCM Podcast EP#79 -Riot Radio Vol 9 “Rock N Roll” Editon.

It turns out that songs with “Rock N Roll” in the title are in abundance. When I went looking for a new “Riot” themed song, I realized the overabundance of the Rock N Roll songs in my personal collection. This got me to thinking that this might just make a great theme for this week’s Riot Radio Show. So I pulled out a dozen tracks, now just sit right down, relax, open ears real wide. Let’s rock n roll!

CGCM Podcast Ep #79 Riot Radio Vol 9.

Track Listing

1. Rock n Roll Radio – Electric Guitars
2. Rock n Roll Fantasy – Bad Company
3. Rock n Roll is Back – Bastards Of Dirt
4. Rock n Roll State of Mind – Little Caesar
5. Rock n Roll Duty – Kim Mitchell
6. Rock n Roll All Stars – Killer Dwarfs
7. Rock n Roll Kid – Brighton Rock
8. Rock n Roll Jesus – Kid Rock
9. Rock n Roll Junkie – Motley Crue
10. Rock n Roll Is A Vicious Game – April Wine
11. Rock n Roll Train – AC/DC
12. Rock n Roll Children – DIO
13. Rock n Roll All Night – Liliac

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