CGCM Podcast EP#83-Playlist Battle 1984

The Canadian Geeks return to continue the decade of decadence Battle of the Playlists! This week, Wallygator and The Meister do battle for the year 1984! For those that keep score, it’s all tied 2-2 in this 10 episode battle. So the gloves come off as we feature some of the amazing hard rock and heavy metal released in the year 1984. Welcome to CGCM Podcast EP#83-Playlist Battle 1984.

In case you have not experienced one of our playlist battles, it works like this. The Meister and Wallygator each select a 6 Song playlist from the selected year. Both playlists played in their entirety identified as simply “Playlist A” and later “Playlist B”. You will not know which playlist belongs to which host and nope, we ain’t telling! YOU, the listener can vote on which playlist you think should WIN!

The votes are collected on a Facebook Poll option that can be found right here CGCM Facebook. Voting is open for two weeks.

CGCM Podcast EP#83-Playlist Battle 1984

After listening to the show, simply head on over to our Facebook page and found below the episode post will be a voting poll to cast your vote for the playlist you enjoyed the most. Simple! The playlist with the most votes after 2 weeks is the winner. One vote per customer. Now if you don’t have Facebook and prefer to use the Twitter-verse we will accept private messages via our Twitter account.

For those of you keeping score at home, Wallygator has won 1980 and 1982 and The Meister claimed victory for 1981 and 1983. Who will advance into the lead after 1984?

Up first the boys spin some DITD’s…

Sven Gali“Disgusteen” (Wally)

Aerodyne“Damnation” (Meister)

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