CGCM PodcastThe Canadian Geeks have come up with yet another ridiculous idea. It seems they continue to come up with ridiculous ways of selecting music to enjoy on the show. It worked out pretty well the first time, so let’s do it again!

In a spin off of the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” , episode #115 delivers SIX DEGREES OF HEAVY METAL PART 2!

Wallygator came up with the idea early one morning. That lead to an expletive filled phone call as he attempted to explain the intricacies of how the episode would unfold. The planning for this episode would have made for very entertaining show in of itself.

Six Degrees Part Two!


The concept is really simple. The geeks used Wally’s Ipod to randomly select the starting song. The metal gods randomly selected “Feel Your Love” from Van Halen! Thanks goodness it didn’t select something from Wallygator’s secret Banarama collection.

From there each geek had to select a song that somehow connected to Van Halen’s “Feel Your Love” From there Wallygator had to connect the Meister‘s selection and the Meister had to connect Wallygator‘s. The process continues until there were 12 songs all interconnected. They kept their “connections” a secret and were revealed during the recording.

How does Autograph’s “Turn Up The Radio” connect to Vince Neil’s “Your Invited But Your Friends Can’t Come” ? You will soon find out right here.

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