CGCM Podcast EP#23The Canadian Geeks set sail for South America. With a BIG cooler full of Rhythm & Brews beer Wallygator and the Meister cruise on down to Brazil for the 4th installment of Around the World in 80 Episodes. Upon arrival they proceed to consume some beer (obviously) and each of them take turns uncovering some very cool Brazilian hard rock and heavy metal.

Wallygator plays tour guide to teach the Meister some facts about the fascinating country of Brazil and of course they start the show with their D.I.T.D. tracks…

Wallygator’s D.I.T.D Track – “Young Blood” by Suzi Kory

The Meister’s D.I.T.D. Track – “Lovelorn” by Michael Morrow & The Culprits

The boys soon found discovered that Brazil is a hotbed of great bands and there was an over abundance of music to choose from. Don’t be surprised if they swing back for a part two sometime down the road.

Uncovered on the show…

Viper – Living For The Night

Dr. Sin – Emotional Catastrophe

Hazy Hamlet – Symphony Of Steel

Fire Strike – Reach For Your Life

Tribuzy – Beast In The Light

Almah – Pleased To Meet You

Tales From The Porn – Back To The 80’s

Desert Dance – Louder Faster & Sleaze

Pleasure Maker – Is There A Doctor In The House

Rebel Machine – Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong

Dirty Glory – Sticks & Stones

Motorocker – Rock Na Veia

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