CGCM Radio

CGCM Radio

Wait, what? Yes, boys and girls…the crew at CGCM Podcast/Website have launched their own 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, internet radio station. CGCM Radio is totally free to listen and can be found on the Live365 platform (or in Europe on Online Radio Box, Receiver App or Stream Finder), the very same service used by Rock Icon Alice CooperCGCM Radio – What Rock Radio Should Be!

The CGCM empire is proudly sponsored by IRON MAIDEN BEER CANADA, The Farm Rehearsal Studios/Farm Rock Build-A-Band Program in Markham, Ontario and Cloven Hoof Rum in Brighton and Hove, UK.

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CGCM Radio… “What Rock Radio Should Be!” Our mission: To create the most badass hard rock/heavy metal station that caters to the true fans of the genre. You will hear hits, deep cuts, rarities, new bands and unsigned artists. Simply put, we play whatever is knocking our dick in the dirt! “Que the Sammy”


CGCM Radio is on-air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A majority of that broadcast time our mascot Buzzsaw Beaver (also known as random selection Auto DJ) programs the best in Hard Rock and Metal from our personally selected catalogue. But we do have several special DJ programs and here’s the broadcast schedule for those alongside a brief description of what you get when you tune in!


(Fridays at 8pm EST)

(Repeats – Sundays at noon EST and Tuesdays at 4am EST)

Hosted by Rich “The Meister” Dillon, this 2hr program features the Canadian CGCM co-founder spinning tunes from his personal collection of currently more than 8000 albums. Known as a lover of high energy thumpers and a hater of ballads and slower fare, this is just what you need to put the jolt in your Friday night party! Of course, check out all his written album reviews at ( and hear him with co-host Wallygator on the CGCM Podcast!


(Saturdays at 4pm EST)

(Repeats – Mondays at 8pm EST and Thursdays at 4am EST)

Join Wallygator Saturday afternoons at 4pm EST as he hosts the Rock and Roll Swamp! What might you find in the Rock and Roll Swamp? In fiction, swamps are often portrayed as godforsaken places that no man enters willingly. Often infested with undead horrors such as zombies, witches, hydras, families of inbred cannibals and possibly some form of fish-lizard-frogmen, you couldn’t find a more “METAL” environment. So for two hours each Saturday, let the swinging-est alligator in the swamp be your guide through glam metal, pop-metal, thrash metal, sleaze metal and more. New stuff, old stuff and deep cuts all aimed to make your weekend rock just a little bit harder. Let’s get swampy! Of course, check out all his written album reviews at ( and hear him with co-host Rich “The Meister” Dillon on the CGCM Podcast!


(every other Wednesday at 8pm EST)

(Repeats – every other Fridays at 8am EST and Mondays at 4am EST)

The original CGCM Podcast featuring both the co-founders/co-creators “Wallygator” Norton and Rich “The Meister” Dillon. Each episode the two music fiends bumble their way through an episode filled with laughter, silliness and stories. Alongside all that is excellent music presented in accordance with that episode’s theme. Sponsored by Black Oak Brewing, Cloven Hoof Rum, The Farm Rocks, T-Shirt Elephant and Dazed Rock Radio, this is what started the CGCM phenomenon!


(Saturdays at 8pm EST)

(Repeats – Mondays at 4pm EST and Wednesdays at 4am EST)

CGCM‘s first website contributor Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall hosts his own DJ show here on CGCM Radio. The Psychotic Stripshow focuses on the sounds of the Sunset Strip and showcases bands from the era as well as those newer bands carrying the same torch. With a piece of huge musical knowledge, it’s two full hours of rockin’ tunes each week culminated from his personal music collection! And of course, check out all his written album reviews at (, you might just find your new favourite band!


(Tuesdays at 8pm EST)

(Repeats – Thursdays at 4pm EST and Saturdays at 4am EST)

As a contributor to the CGCM website through his written reviews, band interviews and concert photography, Shawn takes to the airwaves. Shawn‘s weekly two-hour event is packed with his favourite tracks from yesterday and today. Known as a lover of the Symphonic Metal genre, expect Shawn‘s tastes to flavour the show. Of course, check out all his written album reviews, interviews and photo galleries from events such as Sweden Rock Festival and more at (


(Sundays at 8pm EST)

(Repeats – Wednesdays at noon EST and Fridays at 4am EST)

Dave, for the most part, is still stuck in the ’80s and early ’90s as far as rock music is concerned; and he’s ok with that! Not exclusively of course, but that ‘feel’ is his comfort zone musically and he gravitates to it naturally. So, you’ll hear that 80’s “Hair Band” sound rather often on Dave’s Hard Rock Radio; his weekly hour-long show with a tip of the hat to the glory days of big hair and quite possibly too much leather. He’ll also share some stories and perspectives from his decades as an avid concert-goer and DJ. So take a break, relax and tune in to Dave’s Hard Rock Radio, where you’ll find some classics from years gone by as well and some new tunes you just might enjoy. Crank it up!

….and more to come….