CGCM ReviewsCGCM Reviews: Find here all of the album and concert reviews written by the CGCM Podcast hosts since the launch of their brand new website. The CGCM Podcast co-hosts are music passionate individuals who began their blogging careers at Decibel Geek. Branching out after many years to start their own podcast show, they now write their blogs and reviews for their CGCM website. All of their written content is available through both websites. Both Wallygator and The Meister are still involved with Decibel Geek as writers. And Meister is even still the editing director there.

With us is a team of writers/contributors from around the globe submitting album and concert reviews, blogs andf photo galleries! Therefore we encourage our readers to check out all the articles, past and present!

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CGCM REVIEWS (Album/Concert)

SONS OF APOLLO – MMXX (Album Review)

About The Band: After nearly a 3-year wait progressive metallers Sons Of Apollo are back with a brand new album ...
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FROGG – A Reptillian Dystopia (EP Review)

Some Background: Frogg are a progressive or technical metal band from Stamford USA. The band originally were a high school ...
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LORDI – Killection (Album Review)

My LORDI, The Beast Returns The beasts are back, and ready to serenade you into a nightmarish sleep to horrify ...
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RAGE – Wings Of Rage (Album Review)

A Bit About The Band: On January 10 Rage release a brand new album called Wings Of Rage, their 25th ...
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IRONFLAME – Blood Red Victory (Album Review)

Ride It’s always a great feeling riding into the New Year on the back of some quality heavy metal. This ...
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HEAVY PETTIN’ – Reissues (Album Review)

Scotland knows all about hard rocking.  Case in point, our own Tom Cornell is from Edinburgh!  Heavy Pettin' are from ...
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PRÖWESS – Blacktop Therapy (Album Review)

I love high energy hard drivin' Rock n' Roll. It's my go-to style. I love the riffs, the foot-stomping, the ...
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