CGCM ReviewsCGCM Reviews: Find here all of the album and concert reviews written by the CGCM Podcast hosts since the launch of their brand new website. The CGCM Podcast co-hosts are music passionate individuals who began their blogging careers at Decibel Geek. Branching out after many years to start their own podcast show, they now write their blogs and reviews for their CGCM website. All of their written content is available through both websites. Both Wallygator and The Meister are still involved with Decibel Geek as writers. And Meister is even still the editing director there.

With us is a team of writers/contributors from around the globe submitting album and concert reviews, blogs andf photo galleries! Therefore we encourage our readers to check out all the articles, past and present!

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CGCM REVIEWS (Album/Concert)

Age Of Fear – Storm Force (Album Review)

In early 2017, the mighty Judas Priest released the metal masterpiece “Firepower”. It immediately shot to the top of my ...
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REVOLTONS – Underwater Bells Pt 2 (Album Review)

A Little Background Info: Revoltons are an Italian band that have been around for a good number of years with ...
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SHIRAZ LANE – Vibration I (EP Review)

If you’re a fan of hard rock and you don’t know who Shiraz Lane is, get with the program, people! ...
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BANDAID BRIGADE – Edinburgh Banshee Jan 31 (Gig Review)

A Little Background: One of the great things about writing and reviewing is that you get some lovely offers from ...
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DIRTY SHIRLEY – Dirty Shirley (Album Review)

DIRTY SHIRLEY - Debut "A project with Dino Jelusick on vocals/keys, George Lynch on guitar, Tom Roxx on bass and ...
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DAMIEN STEELE – Damien Steele (Album Review)

The first thing you notice when you open up the booklet for this new Heaven & Hell Records archive release ...
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MINDLESS SINNER – Poltergeist (Album Review)

Feeling It must be a great feeling playing the music you love with people you love for 40 years, but ...
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RED QUEEN – Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart (Album Review)

RED QUEEN - Bio Lukas Bond (Vocals), ZZ Lee (Guitar), Senti (Guitar), Bobby (Bass) and Randy C (Drums) make up ...
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ANCHOR LANE – Casino (Album Review)

A Little About The Band: Anchor Lane are a group of young lads from Scotland and in particular the Glasgow ...
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PASSION – Passion (Album Review)

Intensity And Passion It truly exists! Proof that rock is alive and thriving once again comes from Frontiers Records. They ...
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