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CGCM REVIEWS (Album/Concert)

MACABRE – Carnival Of Killers (Album Review)

History And General Info: Macabre are a band that do for serial killers what Sabaton do for wars and The ...
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LAZARUS DREAM – Alive (Album Review)

Background Lazarus Dream is a new project out of Germany backed by the talents of Markus Pfeffer and Carsten Lizard-Schulz ...
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The year 2020 will go down in history for one of the worst years ever. It’s hard to find anything ...
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MINDLESS SINNER – Master of Evil (Album Review)

Meager Having released a meager four full-length studio albums in 37 years Mindless Sinner have managed the remarkable feat of ...
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THE NUCLEAR POWER TRIO – A Clear And Present Rager (EP Review)

Some Background: The Nuclear Power Trio are 3 world leaders and possible despots who have decided to try and get ...
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Buzzsaw Beaver wants you! Yes, you! That's right, we are looking to expand our awesome CGCM team. And you could ...
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PRIDE OF LIONS – Lion Heart (Album Review)

Force of Nature Jim Peterik, one half of Pride of Lions, can undeniably be called a force of nature. The guy ...
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CARCASS – Despicable (EP Review)

Legendary British band and extreme metal outfit Carcass are unleashing an EP called Despicable at the end of the month ...
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WHITESIDES DAUGHTER – Bells For John Whiteside’s Daughter (Single Release)

Some History: In what has been proving to be an absolute shit of a year at least there is some ...
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PALLBEARER – Forgotten Days (Album Review)

Background Info! After a 3-year wait, Arkansas doom inspired metal outfit Pallbearer are back with a brand new album called ...
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