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CGCM REVIEWS (Album/Concert)

WOBBLER – Dwellers Of The Deep (Album Review)

Some Background: Wobbler are a Norwegian progressive rock band formed away back in 1999 and who released their first album ...
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THE STRUTS – Strange Days (Album Review)

Strange Strange Days indeed, for everybody all over the world. We’ve all been affected by this shitstorm but this latest ...
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LEAVES’ EYES – The Last Viking (Album Review)

The Last Viking Leaves' Eyes was formed in 2003 by Norwegian vocalist Liv Kristine and German singer Alexander Krull. In ...
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TROUBLE COUNTY – Awake (Single Review – One To Watch)

Trouble County are a power trio from the Portsmouth area in Hampshire England. The guys are vocalist and guitarist Joolz, bassist ...
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NACHTBLUT – Vanitas (Album Review)

About The Band: Vanitas is a term for still life paintings of the 17th century containing symbols of death pointing ...
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ENSLAVED – Utgard (Album Review)

Some Background: For the uninitiated Enslaved are a band from Norway who formed back in the early 1990s by 2 ...
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Disc in the Dirt – DOKKEN Part 2 (Feature)

DOKKEN in the Dirt - Part 2 The latest Disc in the Dirt feature is focused on the catalogue (1995 ...
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WARD XVI – Metamorphosis (Album Review)

Introduction: I want to admit right at the start that I am a sucker for albums that tell stories. When ...
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MAGNOLIA BAYOU – Strange Place (Album Review)

All Important Background: Magnolia Bayou are a band from and I quote from the press blurb, "the heart of a ...
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OCEAN HILLS – Santa Monica (Album Review)

OCEAN HILLS - Santa Monica "Santa Monica is about sand, the beach, and living life, with fun and happiness. With ...
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