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CGCM REVIEWS (Album/Concert)

IN/VERTIGO – Sex, Love & Chaos (EP Review)

Hailing from Calgary Alberta, In/Vertigo formed in 2016, the quartet delivers relentless, memorable performances at the jet engine decibels of ...
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JUMP – Breaking Point (Album Review)

Background: Jump are a UK based band who this year of 2020 were celebrating, or at least were planning to ...
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LA GUNS – Renegades (Album Review/Rant)

Rewind L.A. Guns! I first heard the name sometime in 1987. It was likely in the pages or Circus or ...
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CATS IN SPACE – Atlantis (Album Review)

Return UK rockers Cats in Space return with their inimitable variety of pomp, glam, melody and outstanding musicianship. Atlantis provides ...
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WITCHWOOD – Before The Winter (Album Review)

Background: Witchwood are an Italian progressive rock band that incorporates a number of styles including hard rock, psychedelic and folk ...
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COMMUNIC – Hiding From The World (Album Review)

Some History: Communic are a three-piece band formed in Norway back in 2003. The band comprising of Oddleif Stensland (vocals/guitars), ...
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SOLE SYNDICATE – Last Days of Eden (Album Review)

For a country that has a population of around 10 million people Sweden consistently produces some of the best metal ...
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SINNER’S BLOOD – The Mirror Star (Album Review)

Ok, I have to admit I am entirely ignorant of Chilean metal. I know, myopic American, right? But if Sinner’s ...
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MAMMOTH WVH – Distance (Single Review)

“Distance” is the first single by Mammoth WVH, the solo project from Wolfgang Van Halen. Wolfgang did not intend this ...
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AC/DC – Power Up (Album Review)

Deception Rock titans AC/DC are the masters of deception, or more accurately allowing the rest of the world to deceive ...
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