CRASHDIET - Quarantine Thrills Live! (Online Concert Review)

CRASHDIET – Quarantine Thrills Live!

Quarantine Thrills Live

Well once again around the world many fans clamouring for something as simple as a live act has tuned in to a live stream to subside those cravings for some (sort of) live music. This time it was Crashdiet from Sweden settling those desires.  Like the rest of the world I was waiting for this one because I simply don’t travel, so being in Canada, these live streams are the best thing for me to see a band that as much as I’d love them to come to Canada, it’s doubtful.

With multiple cameras in Twenty Studios in Stockholm, the guys were relaxing before the show with a few beers. With a Lifesize cut-out of Lemmy Kilmister looking on and some Motorhead Rum, and beers on the table, the show was about to begin. The fans already flooding the comment section so fast it was impossible to read.

Enter The Maze

Kicking off the stream was the single “Reptile”. Anyone that has problems with extreme flashing lights, might want to skip this part of the video because the backdrop behind drummer Eric Young was alive with strobing lights. Truly a high energy beginning to the show for sure. Next up after a few swigs of the golden nectar was “Tikket”. This one must have been missed by a few of the fans logging on late because it was being constantly asked for! The one thing that was great about this stream, was it demonstrated the quirks that come with the “live” factor.  Gabriel Keys was having some mic issues, and you could hear the cracks and pops from what I’d guess was a loose connection because you could see him trying to fix it soon afterward.

CRASHDIET - Quarantine Thrills Live! (Online Concert Review)

Next up was the anthemic “Riot In Everyone” from the 2005 album, Rest In Sleaze. Needless to say, this one just kicked ass! With a cold one in hand, and cheer to the watchers going from 2005 to 2019’s RUST album, next up was the title track of “RUST”.  With over 2.5k viewers the band had a real virtual crowd just absorbing the pureness and rawness of the show. Martin Sweet on guitars and Peter London on bass were playing like they were in front of thousands of screaming fans. Although I am sure they would prefer the real thing!

Virtual Experience

“Queen Obscene” was up next and the fan’s comments grew with a lightning pace of devil horn emoji and thanks for bringing the stream to them all in their homes.  The gratitude was almost overwhelming, and I am positive that once the band takes time to see them all they will know how much they and their live presence are missed.

The madness continues with a track that they don’t usually play live from 2007s’ The Unattractive Revolution album, “Like A Sin”. It was very obvious the fans were loving this rarity by the outpouring of comments. Then jumping back to 2013 we get the great track “Cocaine Cowboys”. Unlike the cofounder of the CGCM, Rich “The Meister” Dillon, I’ve never had a chance to see these guys live, and I was loving every minute. In the back of my head trying to think how to make enough cash to travel someday to Sweden, and catch these guys as well as other Swedish bands flying the Rock flag these days.

A Miracle

To many fans, the next song was a great true representative of how they felt watching this virtual show. “It’s a Miracle”, coming once again from the 2005 Rest In Sleaze album slowed the pace a bit but does showcase the fact that this band does have some diversity in its catalogue.  However, before this song was performed, we had a brief interlude because Eric put the kick pedal through the drumhead. Ah, the joys of the actual “Live” experience.  A little gaffer tape, and a minute or two later things were all good once again.

CRASHDIET - Quarantine Thrills Live! (Online Concert Review)Going to the Generation Wild album, “Chemical” was up. Although this one is again not an in your face gritty, sleazy track, it still kicked ass coming live. Things began to liven up again with another track from the 2019 RUST album. “Into the Maze” roared out of the speakers, and once again things were kicking loud & proud.

Now one thing that does need to be mentioned is that Gabriel is the newest vocalist for Crashdiet, and like many other bands out there the fanbase can either roll with it, or be a purist, and dislike the change and prefer the original member. Reading back over the contents, there were a few with this sentimentality, but most were good. I just think that if they picked him, then they must think he fits, and can carry the load required of him. I don’t care. If the music is good, then it’s good!

Wild Generation

You could tell by this point that they were drawing to a close on the show. It has been about an hour into it now, and as much as people would have liked it to go on forever, we all know it cannot. So being the band they are, and the sleaze reputation they have why not go out with some real ass-kicking tunes! “Down With The Dust” finally gets played after seemingly hundreds of crowd requests in the comments. Lights flashing, and guitars ripping, drums pounding the guys were coming through your screens at home in full force.

The big single from 2019 was “Idiots” and they didn’t disappoint with this one, but not before some more drum issues.  So, a momentary “rehydration” minute and some fun goofing around they were back in the zone flying the Rock flag once again.

The finale was truly great. Being a huge fan of the song, “Generation Wild” I couldn’t suppress the huge-ass grin that appeared on my face.  We got some band introductions, and some thanks from the guys and the song carries on.  Truly an anthemic song from the band, and a song for the masses. As always, however, all good things must come to an end, and this was no different.


CRASHDIET - Quarantine Thrills Live! (Online Concert Review)Once again, I got to see a band perform live that I normally wouldn’t ever have a chance to see in person. In these days of pandemics and isolation and all the bad vibes that accompany it, it’s great to see artists still wanting to connect with their fans and bring us the music we all crave and are missing in this day and age. Who knows, this might be the new norm of live shows or a way to reach more people.  I’d love to see live shows in the future stream from the festivals etc. with a nominal charge to login from home. It might be a great revenue stream for other and all artists to think about.

So, until next time, stay safe, stay healthy, and keep flying the flag for Rock ‘n’ Roll!


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  1. Reptile
  2. Tikket
  3. Riot In Everyone
  4. Rust
  5. Queen Obscene
  6. Like A Sin
  7. Cocaine Cowboy
  8. It’s A Miracle
  9. Chemical
  10. Into The Maze
  11. Down With The Dust
  12. Idiots
  13. Generation Wild


  • Gabriel Keys – Vocals
  • Martin Sweet – Guitars
  • Peter London – Bass
  • Eric Young – Drums