D-A-D - A Prayer for the LoudWhen many people think of a rock band, they usually don’t think of the blues. Well, that may be true, but without blues players like the legendary, Robert Johnson, or others like Muddy Waters, or BB King, we wouldn’t have the rock we all know and love today.

One band that comes to mind is D-A-D. Originally Disneyland After Dark, the band changed its name due to possible legal problems with the Disney Corp. Having just released their 12th studio album at the end of May, the Danish rockers are back in such a true form that is really original to them. Yes, many other bands have a blues groove to them, but honestly, I cannot think of another with their unique sound.

About The Band

Having some international success in 1989 with their album, No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims and the single “Sleeping the Day Away“, they haven’t been forgotten by their passionate fan base. Unlike other bands of the era that hit it big, D-A-D has remained almost together as one unit with the exception of the drums and even that has changed only once. Something to be said about the chemistry of the group as a whole.

A Brief Album Synopsis

The new album, A Prayer For The Loud is still within the great bluesy groove rock sound that they are known for. Each song has elements of great rock, melodic riffs, pounding drums, and vocals that fit the sound like a well-made suit.

The opening track of “Burning Star” has a chugging melody and gruff vocals, that blend into the song well. The song will instantly have you rocking out with the air guitar, or beating those imaginary drums. Next up is the title track. This tune has the most bluesy riffs and grooves that the record offers. Even if you’re not a blues fan, you cannot help but love the hooks not to mention the build-up to the vocals that end up in the rafters. The guys in D-A-D have a message and they want you to know it!

The song “The Real Me” has almost a familiar sound and feel to it. Anyone that remembers the 1989 single “Sleeping My Day Away” will hear it. To my ears, it’s almost a sister song with similar riffs and flow.

No Doubt About It” brings you some slamming guitar playing and a simple beat that takes this listener into the heart of the record. It’s just a simple and great rock sound. To follow that is the fantastic ballad, “A Drug For The Heart“. Yes, I’m aware not everyone likes ballads, but the soulful singing and accompanying acoustic guitar sound are simply terrific. It’s not like other ballads that are appearing today.

After the ballad it’s time to get the blood pumping again and “Musical Chairs” does just that. Like a freight train plowing down the tracks, this song has a guitar riff beginning that instantly had this listener hooked.

Psycho Thoughts

Again, I have to say that whether or not you’re a blues fan, you have to know and appreciate the history of it. Listening to A Prayer For The Loud, you cannot help but hear the influence that these guys have had from the blues. Simply put, this is a terrific album and they still have their own place in the music world where they can stand tall and very proud!




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  1. Burning Star
  2. A Prayer For The Loud
  3. Nothing Ever Changes
  4. The Sky Is Made Of Blues
  5. The Real Me
  6. No Doubt About It
  7. A Drug For The Heart
  8. Musical Chairs
  9. Time Is A Train
  10. Happy Days In Hell
  11. If The World Just


  • Jesper Binzer – Vocals, Guitar
  • Stig Pedersen – Bass, Vocals
  • Jacob Binzer – Guitar
  • Laust Sonne – Drums