Dark Blue Inc. - Linked to LifeBlistering solos, pounding drums, and powerful bass and vocals! Isn’t that what we all want from a band and album? Look no further than Dark Blue Inc.Linked To Life, From El-Puerto-Records. It’s one of those that, back in my day, the album cover caught the eye. Cool album. Cool band name and font.  Even the producer at times. Without even hearing it, I’d have it at the checkout. Then be rushing home to give it a spin. The story remains true for Linked to Life.

Linked to Life – A Review

From the first track “Dark Blue Overture“, the musicianship is very apparent. At first, I was thinking I might have gotten a dud, but after a few moments, the song really kicks in showing that these guys know what’s what! With a background like Bonfire, Malmsteen, and King Diamond to name a few, I should have known what was coming. Even Deep Purple drum legend, Ian Paice guests on the track “Deep Blue Sea

The title track, “Linked To Life”, is a well-oiled tune that leaves you wanting more. With the other tracks, you have head pounders, and enough hooks to get you arrested on the streets. The standout track on this one for me was “Sacred Sin” This track has a great drive behind it, and even a flamenco guitar styled solo. So cool you can’t help loving it. However, it doesn’t take anything away from the hardness of the album at all.

The album flows well and has remained in my playlist of new music that I’ve been checking out lately. With great hooks, stunning music, and very well written lyrics, you’re going to want this one in your playlist as well! See for yourself in the video below, Feat: Ian Paice.




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  • Göran Edman (Ex-Malmsteen) lead vocals
  • Frank Pané (Bonfire, Sainted Sinners, Ian Paice) lead guitar
  • Andrea Vergori (Wheels of fire) keyboards, rhythm guitar
  • Lydia Pané (Hells Belles, AXEperience) background & lead vocals
  • Harry Reischmann (Gregorian, Sarah Brightman) drums
  • Hal Patino (Ex-King Diamond, Ex-Pretty Maids) bass


  1. Dark Blue Overture
  2. Time Will Never Wait
  3. Karma Machine
  4. Deep Blue Sea
  5. Linked To Life
  6. Sacred Sin
  7. Cold Is The Night
  8. Island Of Though