Stemming from a popular segment of their audio podcast episodes, The CGCM Podcast hosts proudly present: Their DAILY D.I.T.D. TRACKS! A new day, a new track!

One of the most popular segments of the CGCM audio podcast episodes is DICK IN THE DIRT. The odd phrase refers to the co-host’s choice of a song that’s currently “rocking their world”. Could be a new song, or an old classic. If it’s an earworm, it qualifies! The phrase derives from Wallygator‘s group of high school friends. Instead of saying: “Wow, that song really knocked me on my ass!”, they would decree “That song knocked my dick in the dirt!” Hell, even Sammy Hagar knows the phrase!

You can always find the current day’s selection videos near the top of our homepage. Give these tracks a spin, and if they rock you as much as they do us, buy the albums! / You can find their past selections here: DAILY DICK IN THE DIRT TRACKS

The CGCM Podcast is sponsored by Rhythm & Brews Brewing Company in Cambridge, Ontario, The Farm Rehearsal Studios/Farm Rock Build-A-Band Program in Markham, Ontario and Cloven Hoof Rum in Brighton and Hove, UK.

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DICK IN THE DIRT – Monday, 02/11, 2019


JETBOY“Brokenhearted Daydream” from Born to Fly (2019)


BUY: Amazon Canada /



SPEED STROKE“End of this Flight” from Fury (2016)



Join The Meister and catch Speed Stroke at CALL OF THE WILD FESTIVAL in May 2019!