Austrian Symphonic Metal band Edenbridge was formed in 1998. By the year 2000, they released their debut album Sunrise in Eden and signed a worldwide deal with German label Massacre Records.

Edenbridge - DynamindEdenbridge went back into the studio this year to record their 9th studio album Dynamind on SPV Records for release on October 25th, 2019.

The band consists of original members Lanvall and Sabine Edelsbacher. In 2008 Dominik Sebastian joined the group on guitar. The newest member on drums is Johannes Jungreithmeier, who joined in 2016.

I first heard of Edenbridge in 2017 through a friend, which I then quickly reached out to see about reviewing The Great Momentum (Review). Two years later I found myself excited to hear they were back in the studio. After hearing the first 2 singles online, I finally got the press release of Dynamind.

EDENBRIDGE – Dynamind (Album Review)

Edenbridge - Dynamind

The album starts off with “The Memory Hunter”. Great guitar riffs to start out giving the album an inviting way to begin Dynamind. Sabine’s vocals are stellar as always on this heavier side of Edenbridge.

The single “Live and Let Go” is brilliant. I have listened to this track many times since the video was released. This outfit is not your typical symphonic metal band giving you many textures throughout.

The third track “Where Oceans Collide” gives the listener a taste of the progressive side of Edenbridge with more rapid guitars and hard-hitting drums. This will be a crowd favourite at a metal festival which I sure hope I can witness one day.

On to the second single from the new release, “On the Other Side”. A more folk-influenced track which is a nice change done beautifully.

All Our Yesterdays” begins very slow then turns up the heat for a power metal/symphonic mix. It is great to see the diversity Edenbridge brings to their sound.

This flows into “The Edge of Your World” with many similarities to the previous track. Here we get a wonderful arrangement of Edenbridge’s dynamic styles.

Slowing the pace down, even with a heavier guitar influence, Sabine truly shines on “Tauerngold”.

What Dreams May Come” gives us more symphonic with marvelous vocals, lots of keys and abundant heavy musicality.

The Last of His Kind” is the longest track on the album being over 12 minutes as Edenbridge takes us on a musical journey. I am not usually a fan of a lengthy song, but this one is a gratifying saga. I am looking forward to getting the CD to read the lyrics.

We finish the new album with the title track “Dynamind”. With a slower track of just over 2 minutes, it is a perfect ending to another wonderful release from Edenbridge.

My Parting Thoughts

This has been worth the long almost 3-year wait in between releases. I highly recommend this to any fans of the symphonic general.

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