ELECTRIC BOYS - Ups!de Down (April 30, 2021)


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New release from: ELECTRIC BOYS – Ups!de Down (April 30, 2021)

Electric Boys‘ new album Ups!de Down is out soon in LP, CD and digital formats by Mighty Music on 30 April!

The Electric Boys are much loved for their idiosyncratic combination of hard rock and other forms of music such as funk beginning with their first album Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride in 1989. On April 30th, 2021 the band will release worldwide their seventh album Ups!de Down which continues and advances this fusion of music styles to make something of their very, very own.

Ups!de Down will be released in digital, LTD 180 G. colored LPs, black 140 G. LP and CD formats by Mighty Music on 30th April 2021.

Conny Bloom comments: “You can see the light at the end of the tunnel rather than simply the runaway train in songs like “This Is Not The End”. When things are This big and seem out of control you can reverse it and gain control by letting it go. The freethinking and rebellious spirit of the band is alive and well in this latest album and the belief in the power of the message of music and its ability to change the world.

Line up:

Conny Bloom: guitar, vocals
Andy Christell: bass
“Slim” Martin Thomander: guitar
Niclas Sigevall: drums
Jolle Atlagic: drums


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