FIREWIND - Firewind (Album Review)

FIREWIND – Firewind

Look out metalheads! Gus G and the boys are back with their ninth studio album, simply titled Firewind. For those of you who are not familiar with the guitar master that is Gus G (and have therefore presumably been living under a rock), Gus is the ex-axeman of many impressive metal acts, such as Nightrage, Arch Enemy, Dream Evil, and the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. With a mix of hard-hitting guitar riffs and flashy yet melodic solos, this new album is sure to impress any classic Firewind fan.

FIREWIND – Firewind

The album opens with ‘’Welcome to the Empire’’, which has a nice, slow instrumental beginning before switching to the fast, in-your-face guitar work as is expected from Gus. Upon my first listen, I was of course as curious as any fan to see how the new album would sound without former long-time keyboardist and guitarist, Bob Katsionis. However, no need to worry! The strong work of long-time members Petros Christo and drummer Jo Nunez continue to perfectly compliment Gus’ guitar playing, and by the third song, ‘’Rising Fire’’ (which is catchy as hell and sure to get stuck in your head after the first listen), I knew this album was a solid Firewind classic. Although, the band has diversified their styles a bit, with some “big variation in tempos as vibes” as Gus puts it.

New Vocalist Herbie Langhans

FIREWIND - Firewind (Album Review)By this point, I’m sure you’re wondering how the vocals of the newest addition to the band, Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, Radiant, Seventh Avenue, Sinbreed) are fitting in with the power metal outfit. Rest assured, Firewind has once again chosen a remarkably talented vocalist to carry on their legacy. Says Gus of his new bandmate “With Herbie I feel like we’re doing a relaunch of the original Firewind cast because his singing style bears a certain resemblance to that of Stephen Fredrick, our first vocalist. I’m proud and happy that we can continue with the tradition of great Firewind vocalists thanks to Herbie.

Interestingly, the band has not completely left the idea of a concept album behind. Check out 2017’s Immortals if you haven’t. Three of the songs are connected lyrically. ‘’It’s kind of a Sci-Fi story about the overexploitation of nature seen through the eyes of a lonely astronaut, orbiting earth in his space capsule.Gus says of the tunes ‘’Orbitual Sunrise’’, ‘’Longing to Know You’’ and ‘’Space Cowboy’’. As its the slower, melodic songs that seem to always get me. “Longing to Know You” is one of my personal favourites from the album. It sounds like a soundtrack to some kind of magical fairy tale: sad, yet beautiful.

Rachel’s Wrapup

Firewind will be released on May 15th, 2020 via AFM Records. A North American tour was previously scheduled for the same month. But has been postponed and will hopefully be rescheduled once the world returns to some state of normalcy. In the meantime, you can check out the video for ‘’Rising Fire’’ (below). Where you will also see one of Gus’ new San Dimas Jackson guitars. (Artist models available for purchase – virtuoso guitar skills not included). Be sure to also pre-order the album or merch bundles, including some cool coloured and splatter vinyl!

Stay Metal! \m/

Rachel Leigh Vendetta

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