FROGG - A Reptillian Dystopia (EP Review)

FROGG – A Reptillian Dystopia

Some Background:

Frogg are a progressive or technical metal band from Stamford USA. The band originally were a high school band who did mainly (according to the blurb) Children Of Bodom covers. Singer and guitarist Sky Moon Clark after that went to Berklee College Of Music where he decided to keep things going by writing lots of riffs and melodies in preparation of recording something down the line.

2020 brings us their very first EP entitled A Reptilian Dystopia which is comprised of those writings. The EP features 4 songs, 3 being under 4 minutes and one which is over 7. It is heavy brutal stuff as well as being the aforementioned “technical”. I described it to a mate as being the equivalent of being battered over the head by a heavy object, but due to the swings coming down at irregular beats you can’t get out of the way! Also, I wish to point out that this reviewer means this as a compliment. I enjoy the battering, especially if it is creative.

The Songs Themselves:

First track “Ancient Rain” has several time changes in it and a bewildering array of timings which personally I couldn’t keep up with! Lyrically a warning of imminent human tragedy where the planet becomes inhabitable. By the end of the song you kind of feel we deserve as a race to die having fucked the planet over quite royally. “Human race sealed its fate, no hope in sight ’cause its too late, just fucking die” he screams/growls. The music matches the intensity and anger yet still manages to have some lovely guitar licks and soloing adding melody to the brutality. “Nuclear Storm” has a tremendous prog opening sequence and some fine drums and bass work going on.

The longest track “DNA” really showcases the abilities but also the possibilities going forward. Having the time to let riffs and motifs breathe certainly helped this reviewer to be drawn more into the song. Obviously there is an allowance for more soloing which is good along with some more almost ethereal sections adding more shade to the dynamics. It still batters the shit out of the listener being wonderfully heavy at regular moments.

Final track is possibly the heaviest track in places with some real growling going on yet still manages a quieter jazzier section for balance. It takes its leave in a gentle manner almost like a little piece of calm before the next chapter of their music.

In Conclusion:

Frogg are certainly worth checking out for anyone who likes their music heavy, brutal and challenging. This is not for the faint-hearted! The musicianship is superb throughout and this EP shows great promise. A new name to watch and follow to see where they go next. Good stuff!

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