GARY HUGHES - Waterside/Decades (March 12, 2021)

GARY HUGHES – Waterside/Decades

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New release from: GARY HUGHES – Waterside/Decades (March 12, 2021)

Coming March 12, 2021, a double dose of Gary Hughes releases in the form of a new solo album, Waterside AND a best-of collection, Decades from Hughes. More details and the first single from the new solo album coming on January 20th. Stay tuned….

Early pre-orders are available now at (EU).

Waterside Tracklisting:

1. All At Once It Feels Like I Believe
2. Electra- Glide
3. Lay Down
4. The Runaway Damned
5. Screaming In The Half Light
6. Waterside
7. Video Show
8. Save My Soul
9. Seduce Me
10. When Love Is Done

Decades Tracklisting:

1. First Light
2. Wrecking Machine
3. Perfect Ten
4. In Your Eyes
5. Veritas
6. Dragon Island Cathedral
7. The Night The Love Died
8. This Thing Of Beauty
9. Seducer
10. Look At The Rain
11. It Must Be Love
12. We Walk With Angels
13. Heart Of A Woman
14. The Everlasting Light
15. Precious Ones

1. Blonde Angel 93’
2. I Won’t Break Your Heart
3. Give My Love A Try
4. The Colours Of My Life
5. Divided We Fall
6. All I Want Is You
7. Wide Awake In Dreamland
8. There By The Grace Of The Gods (Go I)
9. Lies
10. The Miracle Is You
11. Be My Fantasy Tonight
12. This Time
13. Synchronicity
14. All Fall Down


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