Sitting here sifting through the many albums I have to try to get the time to listen to, I once again come across one that kinda stood out to me. A plain-looking cover with no band name, no logo, just a really cool looking sketch artwork.

I decided to give it a go. Being that it was a short album of just five songs, more of an E.P. actually, and I did have errands to run, I figured why not! Soon I was into the first song, and wondering if I was actually listening to Iron Maiden. The vocals are uncannily similar to that of the vocal powerhouse Bruce Dickinson. Nope…not him, but still just as catchy!

About Harbour Of Souls

Harbour Of Souls, hailing from Zeeland in the Netherlands has a very similar background to many other bands out there. One band is collapsing, and the remaining members decide just to sit and jam out at a friends place. Making and creating as true musicians do right? After a year or so, the guys in Harbour Of Souls come to realise that they have actually made enough new music for an actual project, and have a setlist that is actually ready for a live setting!

A complete band is then formed, and a new adventure begins. Time to throw caution to the wind and pay those dues. Like being thrown to the wolves, the guys go first opening for Peter Pan Speedrock. It’s the only way to grow right, pay those dues, and see what works and what doesn’t. After a while they have had many shows under their belt. Having shows with the likes of, Picture, After All, and Death Valley to name a few.

Harbour Of Souls is often referred to as the “Thin Lizzy of Zeeland“. To be honest, other than the classic feel of Hard Rock meets Metal, I don’t get the Thin Lizzy reference. I hear more Maiden than anything else…and that’s just fine by me!


The album may be short, being only five tracks, but it’s pure hard rock in its true form. With those classic guitar riffs and hooks, the pounding drum beats, and classic solos. It’s pure throughout. The guttural bass lines, and classic sounds blending with the Maiden-esque vocals, and a combination that just goes through the stratosphere.

Harbour of Souls - DoomsayerIf you really love the classic sounds of NWOBHM, with a modern twist to it, that is, as I put it, “modernally classic” then Doomsayer is the album you need to hear. I think that if Harbour of Souls came out with this album in about 1987-88 then it would have been a big hit! Not that it couldn’t be today! I just love discovering bands with that old school sound! Don’t pass this one by. It’s totally something that I’d recommend to anyone that is a lover of the genre but wants something new instead of listening to the same old stuff.

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  1. The Iron Never Lies
  2. Doomsayer
  3. Queen On Her Throne
  4. Ministry Of Power
  5. Victory