HARTMANN - 15 Pearls and Gems (April 17, 2020)

HARTMANN – 15 Pearls and Gems

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New release from: HARTMANN15 Pearls and Gems (April 17, 2020)

Oliver Hartmann, known as singer/guitarist/sideman of metal mega-seller Avantasia, projects as Rock Meets Classic, ex-At Vance singer and as frontman of the successful German Pink Floyd tribute Echoes, is considered with his band HARTMANN since their debut Out in the Cold (2005) as one of the best modern German Rock/Hard Rock acts. Since then the band has released eight successful albums, has toured with well-known acts as Toto, Uriah Heep, The Hooters, House of Lords and will celebrate their 15th anniversary this year!

Due to their anniversary, HARTMANN will release a brand new album named 15 Pearls And Gems in April 2020, again co-produced by Sascha Paeth (Avantasia, Beyond The Black, Kamelot). This special release includes five new songs, five well-chosen cover tracks and five live versions of HARTMANN songs that have been recorded on their concerts during the last years. 15 Pearls & Gems contains the singles “Walking on a Thin Line” and the duet “When the Rain Begins to Fall”, a special cover version of the 80’s pop classic featuring Ina Morgan, member of Avantasia and one of Germany’s greatest female rock vocalists. The live recordings also include the outstanding duet “Brothers” feat. Avantasia’s mastermind Tobias Sammet on vocals – originally recorded as studio version for the album 3 (2009).

After touring in Europe with the latest release Hands on the Wheel in 2018/2019 and Oliver’s just finished world tour with AVANTASIA his band HARTMANN will be on the road again this autumn to celebrate their 15th anniversary with this new special digipak release 15 Pearls And Gems!

Oliver Hartmann (vocals, guitar); Mario Reck (guitar), Armin Donderer (bass), Markus Kullmann (drums)



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