Häxan - White Noise

Häxan Making White Noise. Photo From Facebook. Taken By Mark Ellis

The White Noise Of Häxan

The idea of a female rock band once was scoffed at and said it would never be successful. With the rise of bands like The Runaways, Lee Aaron, Doro Pesch, and Lzzy Hale, no one is scoffing anymore. Here comes the next force of the female Hard Rock band. Häxan and their new album White Noise proves women are here to stay in rock and are a force not to be messed with.

A Brief History

Hailing from Cardiff, in South Wales, UK, Häxan is a trio of hard-rocking women and can play hard, and rock even harder.  Featuring Sam Bolderson on vocals and guitars, Harriet Wadeson on bass and Jess Hartley beating the hell out of the drums, these ladies are no strangers to the big stage having played such high-profile festivals as Download, Planet Rock, Monsters Of Rock Cruise, and Hard Rock Hell to just name a few. Also, they have played alongside people such as Status Quo, Electric Six, and Phil Campbell, to just name a few. White Noise was produced by Todd Campbell from Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons fame at Stompbox Studios. An album that is packed full of hard-rocking tracks. All killer and no filler here!

The sound of…

From the opener of “Damned If You Do” your ears are pricked up with a high energy intro. The high energy drumming and perfect pitch vocals give you that vibe of live energy right off. Into the next track of “Killing Time” you have a self-assured, confident vocal, and right into the pounding drums, and a great hard riff from the guitars. The heavy bass lines here propel this one to another level. Such a track really stands out on the album.

“Nine Lives” has a drum intro and is joined by an equally hard riff coming from the guitar. Metal beats live here, and it is a stellar existence. This song has the embodiment of what hard rock should be. “Grave Digger” slides into your senses with yet another pummeling of the drums and has a very high energy melody to it. Throw in the huge vocals and a bluesy sound, and you have a song that clearly showcases the Hard Rock influences of days gone by.

Haxan - White Noise Album

Haxan – White Noise Album

…White Noise

Hitting the halfway point of White Noise we get a party rock sound with “Louder Than Words”. Fun playing on the guitar, thunderous drumming, and sharp vocals encase this song in its own metallic, yet melodic dwelling. Intensified vocals with some powerful screams are part of the next track “Black Sheep”. Again a strong bass line here and powerful guitar are not to be outdone by the powerful percussions. This one is a real earworm, that will leave you wanting to hear it again….and soon.

White Noise Subsides But the Thunder Continues

Drums make a tremendous entrance on “Crash and Burn”, and this track has it all.  Passion, intensity, and timing that would make the Swiss proud. This track ends like it began, with a few precise hits to the skins and cymbals to accent the point. The first single from White Noise comes next with “Skeletons”. Raw power and energy are what it contains. A darkly themed song with heavy melodies and a hoof that will grab you and reel you in for sure.

The White Noise subsides with “Living Dead”. Dark themed again with a deep bass intro, its joined by the equally dark vocals. While the story unfolds to your ears, your mind is displaying the images in your head.


White Noise is a mind-blowing album. For fans of Hard Rock, and Metal alike. This very well could become a top ten album for me from 2020, and I am sure that once others hear it they would be quick to agree with me. Truly a 10 outta 10. Look out men…the ladies are coming to ROCK YOUR ASSES OFF!!


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  1. Damned If You Do
  2. Killing Time
  3. Nine Lives
  4. Grave Digger
  5. Louder Than Words
  6. Black Sheep
  7. Crash and Burn
  8. Skeletons
  9. Living Dead


  • Sam Bolderson – Vocals, Guitar
  • Harriet Wadeson – Bass
  • Jess Hartley – Drums