HELLOWEEN - Skyfall (Single) (April 02, 2021)

HELLOWEEN – Skyfall (Single)

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New release from: HELLOWEEN – Skyfall (Single) (April 02, 2021)

Helloween are back with the spectacular single “SKYFALL” to be released April 2nd, 2021!

Flatten the runway with a loud drumbeat, here comes the beginning of something big: The spectacular single “SKYFALL” will be released April 2nd, 2021!

Pre-order now: http://nblast.de/Helloween-Skyfall

The epic 12-minute song, written by Kai Hansen, will be released in two versions: The A-side features the 7-minute single edit and the B-side explodes with a 12-minute alternative version of the album track with a new mix and a different singer allocation – available only on this very single! The second edition will offer “INDESTRUCTIBLE” as the B-side, another precursor from the album. Limited availability, on vinyl only with premium packaging.

The upcoming album will follow in summer 2021.

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