HIGH SPIRITS - Hard To Stop (July 31, 2020)


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New release from: HIGH SPIRITS – Hard To Stop (July 31, 2020)

Last year saw multi-talented multi-instrumentalist Chris “The Professor” Black release three solo albums simultaneously (via High Roller Records). This guy is really Hard To Stop, which may be not quite accidentally is the name of High Spirits’ fifth full-length studio album (that is if you count the self-titled, self-released début from 2009).

The band began to tour around the USA in 2010, and then Another Night was the official studio debut in 2011. The album was a big smash, and so HIGH SPIRITS made the first European tours in 2012 and 2013.

The next album You Are Here was released in 2014 followed by tours all over the USA and Europe. The autobiographical album Motivator came in 2016, and since then the band rocked over fifty more gigs and remained popular on the heavy metal festivals and smaller venues as well.

HIGH SPIRITS played a 10th-anniversary show in Chicago in August 2019,
and then it was time to make the next album…

…and that’s a heavy one! Recorded like always by Chris in Chicago but then mixed
to full power by Dan at the famous Unisound Studio. This new batch of nine unforgettable songs shows why HIGH SPIRITS is still the first name in 100% high-energy rock!

The time is right, you know. And the bond between HIGH SPIRITS and the audience is unbreakable. Just like the album cover, it’s a blazing beam of light through the dark…

Now listen, because Hard to Stop is about to echo across the world!


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