Hairspray Returns to Hollywood

Sometimes a compilation hits the shelves, and people take note. This compilation has reached enough people that there are now 8 volumes available to all the lovers of great “Hairspray” styled rock and roll. Perris Records have outdone themselves with a fantastic version of Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 8.

Geared towards fans of bands like Journey, Tyketto, Extreme, Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks, Broken Teeth & Firehouse just to name a few. You have everything here that any fan of Glam/Hard rock could want. The past seven volumes of the Hollywood Hairspray compilations included iconic bands like Pretty Boy Floyd, Jetboy, Enuff Z’Nuff.  Bands like Nitro, Heaven, Demon Angels (Robin McAuley-MSG), Cherry St., Tigertailz, Funny Money (members of Kix), Zan Clan, Nasty Idols, Crazy Lixx, Crashdiet, Vains Of Jenna, Gemini Five, Sweet Cheater, and many glam/hard rock bands from around the world.

Time to Get Nasty!

Kicking things off is a new track from the band Loud N Nasty. #1 on iTunes in Sweden. Perris Records previously released “Stand Strong” worldwide digitally only and this is the first time the track appears on a CD. Loud ‘N’ Nasty’s, Teaser, Teaser CD was one of the top sellers for Perris Records in 2004.  Kicking ass and taking no prisoners is the only way to describe this track. Band lineup: Rob Nasty – vocals/bass, Chris Loud – guitar, Mackey Gee – drums.

Time to go Incognito

Next up is a 2019 track from Duane Morano. The Morano, Incognito CD was another top seller for Perris Records, with just cause. “After the Love” is a truly inspirational song, and showcases true talent. From live gigs to studio sessions, Morano reaches his fans with talent and abilities. Danny Vaughn on vocals, Duane Morano – guitar, Pat Badger – bass, Michael Foster – drums & Bryan Cole on backing vocals.

Isn’t it a Crime?

In third place is a personal favourite of mine from 2019. An album that I already reviewed (Read that here) and said that, “If you listen to 99 Crimes and aren’t tapping your feet or bangin’ your head within the first two minutes, then you need to self-check because something is definitely wrong.” The band consists of Paul Lidel of Dangerous Toys (Columbia Records) and formerly of Dirty Looks (Atlantic Records) and Adrenaline Factor on lead vocals and guitar, Chris Jordan formerly of Miss Crazy on drums, and Jeff Lynn on bass and vocals.

Hard & Sleazy

Sliding into fourth is some 80’s fuelled, sleazy rock & roll. Bringing back the feel of Skid Row, and Van Halen, Bad Boy Eddy is made up of five great musicians from California and rock your ass off with “My Best Friend”. Dave Saker on guitar, Nick Campbell on guitar, Steve Jones on bass, and Larry Bernal on drums. Throw in a vocalist that can growl, sneer and soar whenever the situation is called for, and Kevin Cray rounds out the quintet.

Smarter are the L.A. Girls

Track five gives us, “The Smartest Girl in L.A.” and features Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman, W.E.T. ) on vocals, and Tommy Denander (TOTO) on guitars. The history of AOR literally goes back over a decade, and has released numerous successful records. Formed by Frederic Slama, the band have always used the Cream of the crop of U.S. and European Session players. This song comes off of the 2019 Heavenly Demos and is a Melodic Rock lovers wet dream.

The Greeks are still spitting out Gods

Hitting the #6 spot is the gang from Athens, Greece. “Top of the World” by Rain Or Shine. Formed in 2013 by Steve S.R. and Andy R. McCormick. Steve S.R. is the lead singer, plays all the strings and keyboards in the project and also works as a producer and mixing engineer. Andy R. McCormick plays all the percussion. Rain Or Shine released the single “Top of the World” and announced the deal with Perris Records for the release of their new album called The Darkest Part of Me on February 15, 2019.

This Ain’t No Texas Ranger

Walker finds the midpoint of this album with “Time to Party”.  A thick, riff-driven hard rock sound, this was the band’s first single released in 2017, after forming that same year. It hit #2 on the Irish rock charts and received airplay in Ireland, U.K., U.S.A, and Australia. The band is currently writing their debut album and plan to record it in late 2019, so keep an eye out!


Next up is a band from two unlikely countries that would record together. Lead vocalist and writer, Igor Zotov is from Russia, and multi-instrumentalist Paul Alfery is from the United States. Together they prove that music contains no borders. “Dynamite Mary” from Collusion is a hard-hitting, straight-ahead rocker. The band is hoping to step outside their collective countries and partner with a label or distributor who can help them reach their target audience.

The Strip Returns

NOTÖRIOUS is a hard rock/glam metal band from Bergen, Norway. The band was formed in the beginning of 2018 with the intention to bring back to life the classic sound of the hard rock/glam metal bands that ruled the Sunset Strip back in the early 1980s. The band is inspired by classic groups like Mötley Crüe, and Van Halen (early years). You can definitely hear a large spattering of “Shout at The Devil” in this track. Also, since they are a Norwegian band, they also draw inspiration from the black metal scene and incorporate some of those elements as well. NOTÖRIOUS is Chris Höudini – lead vocals, Nikki DiCato – lead guitar/backing vocals, Andy Sweet – bass/backing vocals, Freddy Kixx – drums

The Cleansing Rain

NiteRain is one of the leading voices of the new generation of Rock N’ Roll. In the 10th position on Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 8 is a special treat from the Scandinavian rockers. A demo of “Rise Up”. Rated in 2016 in music magazine, Gaffa as the most entertaining live band of the year, the band is quickly gaining momentum with their loud, and aggressive hard rock stylings.

Everyone Has time for an Affaire!

Let’s skip ahead a little to the end of the record, and leave a few surprises for each listener, but this compilation ends with another album I reviewed back in the spring of 2019 (Read full review here). I stated Less Ain’t More needs to be part of everyone’s summer playlist, and let’s have an Affaire this summer.” Well the Affaire has lasted all year and rounding the year off have made another appearance with “Highway Affair” a re-release of their 2013 single.

Psycho Thoughts

Usually, I don’t gravitate towards “Compilation” albums, but from the beginning of the “Hollywood Hairspray” series, I’ve counted on them to make me rock out and discover some new, and maybe older bands that I’ve yet to discover. So, if you’re going to try anything new as far as comp albums go, might I highly suggest that you head over to Perris Records, and peruse their online store and stock up on the complete set!  You won’t be sorry you did, and maybe since the holiday season is right around the corner, maybe you know someone that would love some musical stocking stuffers!

Horns up!



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  1. Stand Strong – Loud ‘N’ Nasty
  2. After the Love – Morano
  3. Rumor – 99 Crimes
  4. My Best Friend – Bad Boy Eddy
  5. The Smartest Girl in L.A. – AOR
  6. Top of the World – Rain Or Shine
  7. Time to Party – Walker
  8. Dynamite Mary – Collusion
  9. Notorious – Notorious
  10. Rise Up (Demo) – NiteRain
  11. Wild Brigade – Kill City Kills
  12. Jet Black Romance – Mercy
  13. Give It to Me – Voodoo Moonshine
  14. Highway Affair – Affaire