Kickin ValentinaLet me tell you about a band with some major street buzz. Not since Guns & Roses’ album Appetite for Destruction have I seen a band get this much “word of mouth” buzz. On CGCM Podcast EP#69 Rich “The Meister” Dillon likened Kickin Valentina‘s rise to that of the GnR days and I agree. A band for fans of Motley Crue, Ratt, Hardcore Superstar, Backyard Babies, and all other 80s sleaze rock. Let us raise the horns and rejoice! It’s not over yet.

History Before Making History

Forming in 2013, the boys in Kickin Valentina got their name from an 80’s porn star that was known for kicking her “partners” where it mattered most. The KV boys have very quickly gained a following in the USA, as well as abroad. This meant that they quickly got signed by an Indie label called Highway 9 Records. They released a self-titled EP and in 2015 came the Super Atomic EP.

Later in 2015, the boys signed with the Danish label Mighty Music/Target group. The first full-length album, also called Super Atomic hit the shelves. Produced by Andy Reilly who has worked with artists like Bruce Dickinson, Asia, UFO, and London Quireboys to name drop a few. The band went out and started working the road.

After opening for bands like Buckcherry, Skid Row, and L.A. Guns it was again time to head back into the studio. Their second release, Imaginary Creatures was released in August 2017, and the boys headed back out. By July 2018, the Kickin Valentina boys suddenly broke apart from lead singer Joe Edwards after he backed out of a tour of Germany. Edwards was replaced by Stradlin’ Rosie singer Brian Bezotte. After performing only a handful of shows (five to be exact) Bezotte was out as well.

In January 2019 the band announced that former Jetboy singer D.K. Revelle was to be the new replacement for lead singer. Edwards later went on to join the band MotoRage.

After the two successful releases and tours all over the world, Kickin Valentina are ready to head back into the studio. In the meantime, to keep the band’s momentum rolling, they are getting ready to drop a 4 track EP December 6th, 2019, Kickin ValentinaChaos in Copenhagen.

Creating Chaos

Kickin Valentina - Chaos in CopenhagenDuring a mini-tour in Europe, KV had some much-deserved days off. They met with Mighty Music owner Michael H. Andersen to renew their record deal and discuss the band’s future with the label. During the meeting, the band was asked if they would be interested in heading over to Medley Studios to record 3 new songs. Since the boys have been writing non-stop for the next release, they quickly jumped at the chance knowing that if not, all they’d be doing is drinking in the bar.

After locking themselves in the studio for 14 hours, the truly stellar EP Chaos in Copenhagen was the result. Three of the most rocking, sleazy dripping, beer-drinking, kick you in the gut tracks live on this EP. The tracks include “Sweat”, “Easy Rider” and “Shakedown” plus the live track “Get Ready” (which was recorded at the Bang Your Head Festival a few weeks later).

Kickin ValentinaChaos in Copenhagen showcases the new singer, D.K. Revelle from both sides of the curtain. He is a very sound choice for this band and personally as much as I love all the releases from KV, this one really got me chomping at the bit for more. Showcasing him on a live track also demonstrates not only the energy of the band on stage but the pipes that D.K. brings.

Psycho Thoughts

So, If you haven’t heard of, or heard any music from the Kickin Valentina boys, I cannot state it enough, that you HAVE to get online, or to YouTube, or wherever you listen…just listen! It’s been said that rock is dead. Well, Kickin Valentina is the electric shock that will truly revive it to its fullest.

Rock On!

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Line Up:

  • D.K. Revelle – Vocals
  • Heber Pampillon – Guitars
  • Chris Taylor – Bass
  • Jimmy Berdine – Drums


  1. Sweat
  2. Easy Rider
  3. Shakedown
  4. Get Ready (Live at Bang Your Head
    Festival 2019)