LESBIAN BED DEATH - Born To Die On VHS (Album Review)


Born To Die On VHS

Ah the good ol’ VHS. Back before DVDs, highspeed internet, and now a thing of the past. However, the past isn’t always a bad thing. We had probably the greatest generation of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal ever, and who can forget those unmistakeable films!

Lesbian Bed Death is no different and has been feeling nostalgic apparently while in their lockdown. Originally released in 2019, it was completely remixed and remastered by producer Steve Lethal while in Covid-19 lockdown and now out on Psychophonic Records. After hearing this new version, the band loved it so much and found it to be superior to the original version they decided to give it away to anyone who had bought the original version and put the newly remixed album onto YouTube.

Pull Up The Covers

Lesbian Bed Death has a sound of gothic punk and hard rock, and all their past albums going back to 2006 have always paid tribute to some of the members’ favourite horror movies. Born To Die On VHS is just that. With a lucky number of thirteen tracks, and most being covers of horror themes’ and staple songs, including movie greats like The Lost Boys, Fright Night, Critters, and Friday the 13th.

Being a project of passion for founding member, and rhythm guitarist, Mr. Peach it’s been a labour of love that has finally come to reality mainly in part of the fans who raised the cash online to allow the album to be recorded.

Born To Die On VHS also marks the return of LBD’s original singer Luci4, which has done nothing but raise the buzz amongst the band’s fanbase. So, between her, Mr. Peach on rhythm guitars, Aimee Violet on the drums, and Dani J. Rankin on lead guitars, this album is a for sure smash amongst their listeners.

The Horror Of It All

Opening the album is a complete original from the band. “Fury” begins with a stellar riff on the guitar to be quickly joined by a thunderous beat on the drums. Luci4 joins in with only the female-fronted vocals that could lead this band. Still keeping with the sound, and theme of Born To Die On VHS, “Fury” begins the opening credits of this horror happy hour.

LESBIAN BED DEATH - Born To Die On VHS (Album Review)Probably one of the most commonly known “horror movie” songs is next. An absolutely stellar rendition of “Dream Warriors” (originally from Dokken) pounds in with that steady beat and single guitar before the whole band comes in. Staying true to the original here is key, and aside from the female vocals, (which actually add to the song IMO), it’s a great cover.

Did you know that Autograph had other songs than “Turn Up the Radio”? Well, they do. One appeared on the cult classic horror film Fright Night. “You Can’t Hide From The Beast Inside” is another perfect song to have Luci4 hitting the notes on. To be honest and true, even I wasn’t too familiar with this track, but it’s a great, rocking tune, and fits the Lesbian Bed Death sound to a perfect tee.

Keeping the Screams Comin’

Another campy, yet classic horror from the ‘80s was Ghoulies, and what a better band to put on the soundtrack than W.A.S.P. The heavy metal lives of Blackie Lawless and Chris Holmes just screamed horror back in the day, and their track, “Scream Until You Like It” is another song that must have been written in the past with the complete intention of LBD’s remake.

Slashers and gore were not the only things about ‘80s movies. Rebellion, in general, spoke volumes. No one seemed to demonstrate the look of rebellion more than that of the Ramones, and Motorhead. So, you honour those by covering hits “Pet Semetary”, and “Hellraiser”!

“Partytime” from the Return of The Living Dead and “Lost In The Shadows” from The Lost Boys are just as classic as the movies themselves. Just give these rockers a spin, and if you have seen these movies you can instantly see the scene.

As much as these remind me of the movies, it doesn’t take away from the stellar job on these songs. If anyone just discovering this band wasn’t even aware of the background of the songs, it wouldn’t matter.  This is exactly what hard rock should be. Fun, loose, and rebellious in nature, and that’s what you get with the next track.

The Nightmare Gains Control

LESBIAN BED DEATH - Born To Die On VHS (Album Review)The nightmare man himself, Alice Cooper had a great hit with “He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)” and so shall Lesbian Bed Death. The same can be said here as well. The female vocals here just makes the song all that much better. The synthesizer adds an element as well, but the growl of the guitar is superb.

This next one, I wasn’t familiar with, but “Power Of The Night” from the Critters franchise has a vibe of something lurking behind you, waiting to pounce, and the song exactly flows with the same. It slowly builds, into a simple, but aggressive tune with power behind it.

Originality Matters

“Flesh” and the title track, “Born To Die On VHS” are a couple more originals from the band and still carry that horror-ific vibe. With outcries for “Needing Your Flesh” the song intensifies with guts and glory for its love of all thing’s horror. The title track is a fast, intense tune, with a simple, but fun to sing along with the chorus. The gang vocals in this one have a vibe that fits this album, and sound like the band might climb out of your speakers, and introduce you to your own personal horror film.

Lastly is “Heartbreaker”. Yes, this is the classic Pat Benatar track. No, it has nothing to do with horror, but it is included as a bonus track, and the band had a campaign for their fans to choose another song for them to cover. For once a band actually listened to its fans! Well done cover, and well done on reaching out to the fans. Although not horror-themed, it does fit well on the album!


I have been a horror movie fan since I can remember. I’ve seen some good ones, some really bad ones, and ones that made me laugh out loud, but one thing I always loved is the music during them. This is a perfect album for those like me, and those that just love good rock!

So, grab this album, put it on, and rock out…Just one thing…Don’t play it backwards three times because if you do, Lesbian Bed Death will appear, and rock your nightmares!


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  1. Fury (Original song)
  2. Dream Warriors (Dokken/A Nightmare On Elm Street 3) feat guest vocals from Lilith of Lilith and the Knight, and guest lead guitar from Steve Lethal
  3. You Can’t Hide From The Beast Inside (Autograph/Fright Night)
  4. Scream Until You Like It (W.A.S.P./Ghoulies II)
  5. Pet Sematary (Ramones/Pet Sematary) feat guest vocals from Kitty Synthetica of Novacrow
  6. Hellraiser (Motorhead/Hellraiser III) feat guest vocals from Tanya Wilson of Destroy Planets
  7. Partytime (Zombie Version) (45 Grave/The Return Of The LivingDead)
  8. Lost In The Shadows (Lou Gramm/The Lost Boys)
  9. He’sBack (The Man Behind The Mask) (Alice Cooper/Friday 13th part VI: Jason Lives)
  10. Power Of The Night (Johnny Steele/Critters)
  11. Flesh (Original song)
  12. Born To Die On VHS (Original song)
  13. Heartbreaker (Bonus Track) (Pat Benatar)


  • Luci4 – Vocals
  • Mr.Peach – Guitar
  • Dani J. Rankin – Guitars
  • Aimee Violet – Drums