Every once in a while an album for review comes across my computer, and there is just something about it that tweaks one’s interest.  Something about it screams, LISTEN TO ME!  Maybe it’s the band name, logo, or album art, I don’t know, but this one slapped me across the face and demanded attention like a neglected child

The Band

The hard rock, infectious grooves, and heavy riffs return in the second album by Licence, on Metalapolis Records. Aptly titled N.2.O.2.R (Never 2 Old 2 Rock) set to drop in August 2019. The band was formed by Steam Thiess and features his daughter Jacky on the vocals. At first, she almost sounded in the vein of Jizzy Pearl type of vocals with that awesome “Scratchiness” to her singing. I instantly loved it! Originally forming in 2014, they brought in bassist Pappe and drummer Sammy Sin to finish out the band and complete the sound they were searching for. After the release of their first album L.2.R (Licence 2 Rock), they were soon out doing shows and festivals, and opening for bands such as Praying Mantis, Saxon, and The Poodles.

Well fast forward to 2019, Licence are ready once again to assault the masses and prove that they are N.2.O.2.R. With finger numbing riffs, and melodic, but heavy vocals, and well-written songs, this new album will be a welcome to anyone’s collection of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. An absolutely hard sounding cover version of the Pat Benatar hit, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” is a perfect homerun on this one as well!

My Psycho Thoughts

When the album first appeared on my list to review, I was curious right away to hear it.  Within the first few songs, I was nodding along and pounding the fist in the air. It was a welcome change to much of the hard rock I’ve been consuming lately with its freshness and unique vocal stylings.

I’ve had this album in my listening list and have already enjoyed to multiple times. It’s thunderous drums and magnificent production are right in the wheelhouse of the great music I love and enjoy. I’d have to give this one a full 10 out of 10.  It’s a hard, head pounding, fist banging record. Highly recommend that you go and check this one out!!

Rock On!

Licence - Never 2 Old 2 Rock

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  1. Line Of Fire
  2. From Hell
  3. Hot 4 Ever
  4. Hell Freeze Over
  5. Rise Up
  6. Turn Around
  7. N.2.O.2.R
  8. Loud ‘n’ Proud
  9. Make Some Noise
  10. House Of Pain
  11. Never Let You Die
  12. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  13. The Rich Should Pay


  • Jacky Coke – Vocals
  • Pappe – Bass
  • Sammy Sin – Drums
  • Steam Thiess – Guitar