M.I.L.F. - Rolling Thunder (Album Review)

Bring On The M.I.L.F.

Hey gang. Today I wanna talk about M.I.L.F. No, I’m not talking about anyone’s “Mother I wanna F*@k”, but a band from the streets of Florence, Italy. I’m referring to the band Make It Long n’ Fast. If any band that I’ve listened to over the last little while is firmly rooted in the glam, sleazy, and hard rock vibes of Motley Crue, Guns ‘N’ Roses, and Aerosmith, then this is definitely one of them. Out on January 10th on Volcano Records & Promotions is the new album titled Rolling Thunder.

Forming in 2010 the adrenaline-fueled hard rock sounds of M.I.L.F. are firmly entrenched in the 80’s hard rock sounds from the Los Angeles streets. Their no bullshit, take no prisoners sound is really strong on this album, but also with a few other changes.

Turmoil With The M.I.L.F.

If you happen to be familiar with this band (which I wasn’t) you might be familiar with their previous 2016 release More Than You. While this album garnered acclaim from the critics and fans alike, the band hit some turmoil. In 2017, the band made some drastic changes and swapped out the vocals, bass, and drummer, basically making a whole new band except the guitarist. We now have Simone Galli on lead vocals, Zip Faster (probably one of the coolest names I’ve heard in years) on lead guitar, Luca Ferri on guitar and acoustic guitar, Andrea Devoti on bass, and Mirko Bernardi handles the pounding of the drums.

With all that going on, it must have still sounded good because 2018 brought the writings of a new album and a new management contract with Sorry Mom! Management. Also, that year brought a new single titled “Hottest Dream” and the band signed with Volcano Records & Promotion.

The Rolling Thunder

The new album, Rolling Thunder is probably the perfect name for this album. It and the album artwork truly represent the band’s attitude of that lost Los Angeles 80’s hard rock era. It kicks off with probably the most anthemic track on the record, and previously released single, “Hottest Dream”. What can I say really say about this track other then it’s a great way to kick off the album and show anyone new to the band, that these guys are serious. I got the old Motley vibe that if these guys are coming to your town, you better keep your daughters locked up because someone’s out for a good time!

“Sell Your Pills” is next and kicks off with a little high-hat and guitar picking before it slams you against the wall. It almost has an early L.A. Guns feel to it once the vocals come in. Commanding beats, some pinch harmonics on the guitar, and a grooving bassline and off we go to back to the gutters. Great song that will definitely have you moving along with the chorus.

Babe, Blame It On The Vodka

The second single to the album “Babe” is third place on Rolling Thunder. The opening almost had me singing the chorus for “Hair of The Dog”, but it quickly veers away. What a great vibe this tune has. A fun party tune and sure to be a fan favourite when played live. This could quite honestly be this listener’s favourite tune on the album!

With the next few tracks having titles like, “Blame It on The Vodka”, “Last Hand” and “Peace or War” I think you can almost envision the quality of the hard rock being presented here. The song, “Unleash the Beast” is actually quite heavy and darker than some of its predecessors. I don’t mean dark metal or anything, but it seems to be played in a lower key making it seem a little rawer than the others. Also, I’d be stupid if I didn’t mention the guitar solo right smack dab in the middle of the track, that is just fantastic. I love a great solo, that does exactly what it’s supposed to do without sounding like a hive of pissed off bees. Absolutely superb!

Flashbacks, or Just Crazy

Crazy for Love” starts off a little dramatic and melancholy with a spoken opening, but then picks up into a churning guitar and builds to another great chorus with some great lyrical content (if you’re a person that pays attention to those things). Not as guttural or sleazy filled as the rest and could almost be considered the “Power Ballad” of the album, but just the cusp of that style.

Back to the dirty streets with “Inner Fire”. A song that flies along with its driving rhythm section, and yet another great guitar solo. So many times on this album, I kept getting flashbacks to the music video era and hearing “Sex Action” for the first time, and this song took me there once again. I truly feel that these guys could have been a perfect touring companion with the L.A. Guns back in the day! Man, what a bill that would have been!

Bad Boys, Badder Attitude

M.I.L.F. - Rolling Thunder (Album Review)To round out the end of the album we have “Bad Boys”, a song that starts off running at a fast pace and stays there until the end, but the tune has a line I love and that’s “we aren’t in the ’80s anymore, but I don’t care”. Could any truer words be said here?

To end a truly great album is a song that most fans of this genre would recognize and that’s a new rendition of the Aerosmith Classic “Mama Kin”.  Some of you might also know the G’n’R version as well. This track is a great way to end off this album of ’80s (and some ’70s) influenced hard rock. Paying tribute to a band that has influenced your entire life, and career? Wow is all I can say, what a fantastic version…Dead on!


Most readers of my reviews should know by now where my preferred genre is, and this is an album that I’ll be adding to my favourites and will be carrying this on my road trips for probably quite a while. It’s so good to hear bands still flying the flag, and keeping the torch lit for some good Ol’ sleazy Rock and Roll. If you feel the same way as I do, then I cannot stress enough that you need to get out there and find Rolling Thunder from M.I.L.F. I just suggest one thing…If you’re in a record shop don’t go around asking where the MILFs are okay…I don’t wanna read about anyone getting arrested!

Rock On!

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  • Simone Galli: Lead Vocals
  • Zip Faster: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Luca Ferri “Ciccio”: Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Andrea Devoti: Bass
  • Mirko Bernardi: Drums


  1. Hottest Dream
  2. Sell Your Pills
  3. Babe
  4. Blame It On The Vodka
  5. Last Hand
  6. Peace Or War
  7. Unleash The Beast
  8. Crazy For Love
  9. Inner Fire
  10. Bad Boys
  11. Mama Kin